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Raise the public list of | depth than abroad two raised platform charges – Sohu technology Mr. Geek for you every day to select the most important information to raise the public to use big data to tell you at home and abroad to raise public market list details amidst the winds of change now, all the chips have been Jingdong with more than million dollars into firmly occupy the top, and other platform there are a small decline, it seems this week to surpass Jingdong has become a very difficult thing. The comparison between the "intelligent travel industry" and "UAV" success yesterday to complete the counter attack to shake the position and the surrounding "original" digital firm, the entire industry to subvert the overnight qualifying heat. And recently, UAV momentum unabated, and in one fell swoop over the smart travel, the cumulative capital to become the hottest in the industry. Interpretation of the current product for the general public MR (fusion reality) is still in a relatively vague concept of the edge of the stage. Today, let Geek Jun is bright, in the UAV growth rate appeared in the introduction of a MR UAV – Taobao raised from the public MR DRONE. MR DRONE raise public for more than half of the time, has gained a number of supporters to raise the support of $10000. Unlike many flagship aerial UAV, the UAV is built for the sports and games of the crowd. Mixed reality technology allows users to turn all the empty places into the UAV’s track, with a mobile phone or Pad screen will be able to get on the UAV competition perspective. At this point, "UAV" under the category of growth before the top three are egg shaped PowerEgg, portable Nano and using MR DRONE Lang dragon mixed reality technology. Three unmanned aerial vehicles on behalf of the three directions, but also let us see the entire UAV industry tolerance and unlimited possibilities. Geek Jun class depth than abroad two public platform to raise charges who is suffering? Basically Kickstarter and Indiegogo fee structure are "website + payment platform", but in the details of some two entry: Kickstarter successfully raised the public project: raise a total of X (5%+3%) + X $0.2= support the number of copies to pay the total cost of a) in the formula 5% to raise the platform for the smoke. 3% payment platform for another payment platform will be pumped into; from every support and pulled out a $0.2 cost less than $B) when the total, each received a payment of $0.5 to support payment platform Indiegogo since Indiegogo has two kinds of mode all the chips, different modes with different charges in flexible mode next, whether or not achieve the goal, as long as the support, Indiegogo will receive 5% of the total amount; in fixed mode only. Have reach相关的主题文章: