Drug addicts in Chengmai will be more than 1 years old daughter thrown into the reservoir was arrest xpphone

Chengmai drug man will more than 1 year old daughter died in a reservoir was detained South China Sea, South China Sea network client Chengmai on September 19th news (South China Sea network reporter Jiang Fei) Hainan Chengmai County, a drug man will more than 1 year old daughter was thrown into the reservoir, resulting in the death of a child. September 19th afternoon, Chengmai County Public Security Bureau informed the literati town "9· 18" Wang Mouxin was thrown into the reservoir of death cases. Suspect Wang Moulin urine test was positive, has been under criminal detention. September 18th morning 11 am, a woman Dengmou to Chengmai County Public Security Bureau police station said the literati, her husband Wang Moulin his 16 month old daughter Wang Mouxin in Chengmai county is located in the Honggang farm (three agricultural ridge) south near the reservoir, dead or alive, to investigate. After receiving the alarm, Chengmai County Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to instruction, led by the deputy director in charge of criminal investigation, criminal police intelligence, police department staff rushed to the scene, and asked the Chengmai fire brigade quickly to the rescue scene. The Confucianism police station to the scene to the police search and rescue, and arrange the police rushed to the Wang Lin in the control. This is also the first time the town government town and town cadres, village cadres and other organizations rushed to the rescue scene, and invited the rescue team came to support the blue sky. After multi salvage, and finally at 10:30 on September 19th Xu salvaged Wang Mouxin’s body. The Chengmai police initially identified, 18 on the morning of 10 pm, the suspect Wang Moulin (male, aged 31, Wen Ru Zhen Pai Po Garden Village) riding a motorcycle carrying his wife Deng and 2 daughters came to the south reservoir, delirious Wang Moulin suddenly picked up the little daughter after a rubber plantation, ran to the south shore of the reservoir into the water pool, and prevent the wife rescue, then Wang Moulin riding a motorcycle back home.相关的主题文章: