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Medicine There is a range of treatments in drug addiction for you to choose from. This range itself makes it difficult for someone to choose the best of the lot. The question that looms in front is how does one choose the best? It would be even more difficult for the person having drug addiction problem to choose a treatment that would be best suited to his or her needs. In order to provide some insight, an outline of some basic drug rehab programs is provided here. Short-term residential drug rehab Short-term residential services are offered to those who are in need of help to break away from the problem of drug addiction. Typically the duration of services range from 3 to as much as 6 weeks. These programs usually are intense requiring the patient to follow a twelve-step plan. Initially the patient is assed for a number of factors such as physical, emotional, mental and behavioral. These are then the basis for designing a personalized program specifically for the person. The patients are expected to go through the program with a sense of responsibility through the twelve-step process. The patients are to actively participate in all the meetings in a setting with supportive structure. The patients participate in these programs that offer information and are quite educative. A treatment for follow-up is also planned and offered on .pleting the short-term residential services which can then be pursued as out-patient service. Detoxification Detoxification programs assist those with drug or alcohol addiction problem to withdraw from the use of these drugs which the person otherwise finds impossible to do on his or her own. These are carried out under the supervision of a licensed medical professional. Detoxification programs also take into consideration the behavioral side of addiction. Long-term residential drug rehab Long-term residential services are offered for drug addiction problem for a longer duration ranging from typically 6 months to as much as a year. The services are provided all day round for all days. The program deals with behavioral aspects of the person also. The participants in the program also realize the psychological responses that contributed to actually getting into the problem of drug abuse and resultant addiction. This live-in facility for a longer duration is intended to assist and ensure that the patient is able to reconstruct and remobilize one’s life on a daily basis in order that the chances of relapse are kept minimal. Treatment as outpatient drug rehab The treatments offered as outpatient service are meant for those who are not in a position to avail the short-term or long-term residential services for various reasons. However, it must be noted that invariably such treatments are no less costly than the residential services. The person undergoing outpatient services are to involve in activities including counseling that helps in recognizing behaviors and goals that will assist the patient in keeping away from the drugs. The program is designed taking into consideration the convenience and needs of the patient. There are a few more treatments that are offered which are personalized to the specific needs of the patients. Some drugs such as Methadone require treatments that are to be specifically designed for rehabilitation. The criminal justice treatment is yet another treatment service that is usually offered in prisons but also in the .munity also. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: