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Software If you are making database applications for end users, you have probably received requests from your users to add yet another type of query more than once. When developing a database, one can never foresee all possible types of queries in advance. In real life, something important – or rarely used – can easily be omitted from the code. For example, your users may want to locate all female customers born after 1969. Or all patients with certain diagnosis who are given particular treatments or certain drugs. Or all passengers who travelled to certain destinations at certain dates last year. Or all customers who’ve spent more than X dollars during the last holiday season. Dealing with this type of customer requests require additional support efforts and extra time on modifying existing code, which is hardly exciting. Fortunately, there is a solution. If you are in a position to choose which database components to pick for your next project, get one that allows your users to submit custom queries as easy as possible. Ideally, the component would be completely transparent to the user, involving no calls to your technical support department. EasyQuery .devtools.korzh.com/eq/ is not just another one of the many developer-oriented database components. Offering unique user-friendly approach, EasyQuery is the first user-oriented database query solution on the market. Relieve your technical support department of requests asking to implement additional types of queries – your users will be able to do it on their own without you having to modify the application! Hard to believe? Try an online implementation of the system at .ajax.easyquerydemo.com/ and design a few queries to see how easy it is! EasyQuery helps your users to run any queries on a database they can imagine – without contacting your support team and without having to write a single line of code. They build their queries by simply pointing and clicking and without using cryptic internal field names such as CustNo, LName, or OrdDate. Instead, they would pick "Customer Number", "Last Name" and "Order Date" as the names of the columns, and use human language instead of database language. For example, they would use "begins with" instead of LIKE ‘A%’, "greater than" instead of ">", and so on. In case there’s a limited selection of values, such as the name of a country, they’ll be able to pick a value from a drop-down box instead of typing it. >From the developer standpoint, EasyQuery is truly universal. Supporting many different databases, it can be used with MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, and many other databases. EasyQuery is as easy to implement as it is to use, only requiring 20-30 minutes of your time to get started. The library offers unlimited expansion possibilities with a set of flexible APIs. The solution supports a multitude of development environment, and is supplied in the form of Delphi components, ActiveX controls, .NET Windows Forms components, or ASP.NET controls (with AJAX support) depending on your needs. Extend your database application with unlimited, user-driven queries! Visit .ajax.easyquerydemo.com/ to use an on-line demo, or browse directly to .devtools.korzh../eq/ to learn more about EasyQuery and to download a free evaluation copy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: