Expert analysis as Japan in the South China Sea and South Chinese scattered energy face gossip

Expert analysis: "as Japan’s involvement in the South China Sea south" scattered Chinese energy data figure: Japanese naval ships to visit Vietnam in Da Nang City, the original title: Japan expert analysis: "as in the South China Sea and South China scattered energy September 22 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Huang Zijuan) according to foreign media reports, visiting the United States, Japan’s defense Inada Tomomi announced on 15, the SDF will jointly with the U.S. in the South China sea cruise. Military expert Li Jie in an interview with said that Japan’s move to "water" will lead to the South China Sea, the China attention and energy involved more in the South China sea. Reported that U.S. Defense Secretary Carter held talks with the Japanese defense minister Inada Tomomi, who is visiting the United States on the 15 day in The Pentagon. This is Inada Tomomi’s first visit to the United States since taking office last month. The two sides on the Japanese ban collective self-defense and the United States and Japan in the South China Sea cruise and other issues were discussed. In addition, Inada Tomomi 15 days before the The Pentagon held talks with Carter in Washington Center for strategic and international studies published a speech, she said, "like the United States, we expressed concern on the declaration of Chinese territorial sovereignty in the South China Sea area. Japan will be more involved in the South China Sea, including the ability to train the South China Sea military." Although Inada Tomomi said at a press conference in a meeting with U.S. Secretary of defense Carter, she said just with the U.S. military in the South China Sea cruise joint exercises "instead of" joint combat cruise ", but the foreign media analysis, the related statement paddy may mean Japan to touch China set" red line in the South China Sea issue". When it comes to the purpose of the move, Li Jie believes, is a "water south", the Japanese feel Chinese constantly before the sea, to the West Sea Patrol exercises, too, and the Sino Russian joint military drill to the sea of Japan, he was worried about this. Coupled with the Diaoyu Islands issue, therefore, Japan will want to "water" into the South China Sea, the Chinese attention and energy involved more in the South China sea. Two is to cooperate with the United States to return to Asia Pacific strategy. Although the United States has the world’s most powerful military forces, but the overall defense forces in decline, the overall lack of capacity, the need for Japan to provide support, so the United States also asked Japan to make this commitment. The three is to want to better blockade the South seas. Chinese to out to the Western Pacific waters, must pass through the first island chain, the northern end of the island chain is better control of japan. However, the southern tip of the control is not enough, especially in Philippines, the military is poor, in this case, the United States and Japan would like to blockade the south to better. In addition to Philippines’s military base in the future, to strengthen joint patrols is also an effective means. Four is the key point of China’s Maritime Silk Road is the South China Sea, Japan more involved in the South China Sea, but also want to control the key sea, which is its long-term strategic deployment. When it comes to China’s counter measures, Mr Li Jie said it could take "the man’s way of treating him.". For example, we are also in the relevant waters, such as patrol or exercise in the sea of Japan, to strengthen the intensity of the patrol in the Diaoyu Islands direction, as well as the specific area of the relevant missile weapons test. In addition, the need to closely monitor the United States and japan.相关的主题文章: