Expert analysis of mobile phone addiction three standard mobile phone will not puzzled nrf905

No mobile phone mobile phone addiction expert analysis three standards has puzzled the Xinhua News Agency Changsha November 4th New Media News Title: "come, the bowed head up" — focusing on the modern mobile phone dependence syndrome Xinhua News Agency "Chinese Internet" reporter Shuai Cai you are a lively, relaxed, fun people in WeChat chat, for a while leads to a hot topic, while telling jokes, was issued during a variety of fun action figure expression…… You are the dynamic man in the WeChat group. But what are you really like? At the moment I saw you nest in the corner of the sofa, your parents call you to eat you, "ah" sound, then still maintained a Ge You lying posture, stubborn brush mobile phone. The mother complained, "this child, call him to eat is ignored, is not the disease?" The family to complain you feel bored, you impatiently said, "come, come! And what about!" Reluctantly, he moved to the table with a mobile phone. This scene is a lot of people indulge in a microcosm of the brush phone, often happens to us and friends. Psychological experts pointed out that with the popularity of smart phones and a variety of mobile App service software came into being, many people rely on mobile phones has become a new psychological disease, commonly known as mobile phone addiction". This is a symptom of heart addiction, is changing the harmony between people, and even reduce people’s reading and introspective time coherence. Are you addicted to it? Mobile phone addiction expert analysis standard "today I did not take the mobile phone to go crazy! Will miss important information. "" I have a moment not to brush my circle of friends, you can "WiFi" password, what?! No WiFi? Go, not in the house to eat, what a broken restaurant, "he actually ten minutes are not back to my WeChat, is not to break up with me?"…… When you see these funny scripts, I found these words so familiar, maybe you also once said. Director, Department of alcohol addiction center in Hunan province Brain Hospital of addiction medicine Dr. Zhou Xuhui told reporters: "now some bow addicted to mobile phone and not knowing, in the course of time the formation of mobile phone dependence syndrome." Like to use smart phones and mobile phone addiction is two concepts, like it does not explain addiction. We judge whether a person has a mobile phone addiction mainly to see three aspects: first, the phone for life, work focus. Major events because of the use of mobile phone by mistake and delay in life, such as addicted to playing mobile phone and delay the work and learning; two is the Internet using a mobile phone time growing; three is the mobile phone did not appear anxiety, even puzzled. If these three characteristics and there are more than 1 years, then you can basically determine the mobile phone addiction, suffering from cell phone dependence syndrome. In addition, doctors need to rule out depression and other mental disorders, because many patients with mental disorders are also associated with the use of addictive substances." Zhou Xuhui said. The General Hospital of the people’s Armed Police Force Chinese emergency medical center psychiatrist Shi Yu told reporters that some students often use in electronic media such as mobile phone after losing.相关的主题文章: