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Eye shadow will only use the earth color? Then you out makeup artist MK subscription number: huazhuangshimk dear beautiful dolls ~ ~ autumn is coming to you Meng feel do not think that the change of cosmetics? Put aside the cool colors of summer, cool autumn and winter should be a little red element. Today Bleater will give you a warm autumn Amway color – red wine. Temperament show color, change your color the color of summer, together with indulge me ~ ~ liquid eye shadow into a killer to build summer natural eyes what is the red wine? Come on ~ red! Did you consider seruo red wine is a deep red purple, English wine red also means Wine elegant color. And the makeup often mentioned Burgundy color is wonderful red wine is elegant different approaches but equally satisfactory results seem very warm, mature retro charm. In the dull autumn season, is good, not too exaggerated and warm red hair color display liquor is also a significant artifact in a western style white makeup, especially wine red eyes, more charming. Add a Diudiu sexy taste, suitable for dating Oh ha ha said wine red eye makeup and forget how bakhyuns his classic wine red eye makeup and even caused a wave of Korean bloggers imitation makeup not easy like "domestic violence makeup"? Red eye shadow is the biggest problem is not easy to draw a prominent swelling. It will generally choose brown heavy color and red wine with collocation, so you can hold the wine red and swollen, swollen eyelids if itself is very beautiful doll try matte line, don’t buy a pearl, pearl will make more swollen eyelids. The following PO owners looking for Korean makeup painting several wine red eye shadow! Learn to! Drunk Wine Step 1 light makeup primer paint full eye shadow, and then avoid the middle position with pink meat, the rest are painted. Step 2 with purplish red wine painted in the eye first 1/3, gently dizzy catch. Eye head to gently draw, make the middle part is a three-dimensional sense, under the eye tail also want to remember Tu oh ~Step 3 golden brown dye to open at the end of eye halo, build eyes deep sense will seem not so swollen. Step 4 with a little more wine red in the eye tail triangle area, painted eyeliner. Finally, the Step 5 was stained with a purple and gray color of the grape, and it was taken down to the end of the eye. Complete makeup ~ charm date Step 1 with light makeup primer painted the entire eye socket (region 1), with a little powder a little color to avoid the middle position of painted eye (region 2), finally lit the middle position of eye socket (area 3) 2 with a lighter red wine or dark meat blooming orbital Step (region 3) Step 3 and then use the deep red wine in the eye first 1/3 (area 1), and then slowly to the eye dizzy catch, control within the scope of the eyelid. The same wine red eye shadow painted eye shadow, to 1/2. Step 4 finally brown with eyeliner, eye tail gently dizzy. Type descriptive eyeliner with the earth color tone, red wine as eyeliner, and gently pulled out, under the shadow 1/3 is going to draw oh. When you open your eyes.相关的主题文章: