Fans practice Zhang Zhaozhong proposed kelp rope wrapped submarine, was a national invention patent-homefront

The practice of Zhang Zhaozhong’s "fans of kelp rope wrapped around the submarine", won the national invention patent [] observer network integrated remember "bureau" Zhang Zhaozhong (micro-blog) in the "new observation" defense put forward "kelp rope submarine" remarks on the US nuclear submarine base station in the Yellow Sea, said the United States nuclear submarine is unlikely to enter the Yellow Sea, because of the shallow water, everywhere is a fisherman of kelp, the submarine easily entangled under water. Later, a bureau of writing about it, said a remark attracted condemning. On the "kelp" a slip of the tongue, the board seat had specially come forward to clarify, but not the kelp, kelp rope". Subsequently, a US navy nuclear submarine entangled in fishing nets pictures of the explosion of red on the network, then the people thought of the Bureau of former kelp rope wrapped around the topic of the submarine, have a bureau of innocence! Now, is the official seat for the vindication of the bureau! According to WeChat, "the new observation" CCTV defense news October 28th, a college graduate with love "defense watch" on this show, Zhang Zhaozhong referred to the kelp rope wrapped around the submarine for the experiment, and obtained the national invention patent. A letter from the "new" observation defense fan letters patent certificate Ma Lei SIPO patent search results screenshot also is widely discussed is the Bureau said in a program of anti haze laser weapons and missiles, in fact there is a certain basis in fact, because the current missile guidance mode is widely used TV guidance, laser guidance, infrared guidance, GPS guidance, and television guidance, laser guidance of the two optical guidance mode will be affected by weather factors, in bad weather hit accuracy will be greatly reduced, so the developed countries generally use a variety of combination of guided missile, which is the composite guidance. Laser weapons are also optical weapons, the same will be affected by the weather. Just haze would have serious physical threats to human health, but also the environmental pollution caused by social problems, is very serious, so will this bureau seat and attracted tucao. Is this really true?相关的主题文章: