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Arts-and-Entertainment Stamps are original postal object, as being approved by the .mon Mail Convention, themes along with motifs on postal stamps should be in the spirit from the preamble on the Constitution of the Universal Postal Union, and also to contribute to the development of relationships between the peoples and also the acknowledgement of the respectable goals of worldwide co-operation in the cultural, public as well as financial field. It’s the leading principle on the posting strategy of National Posts as well as .missions to the choice of elements, conceptual art and styles associated with postal stamps within Post all over the world. As with all actions concerning a multitude of different professionals, those people who are furthermore exposed to the demanding judgment from the public, the work on the subject of postal stamps is really a extensive procedure. The initial step is to create the program of issuing memorial postage stamps. Once you declare a public invite towards potential associations as well as establishments, that submit their own plans towards the .mission for selection of motifs, art as well as graphical design, decides which themes stay on the shortlist. The criteria for acceptance from the proposal are historic, national or technological importance, relevance of events, originality or rarity visual aspect, individuality, attention or significance to the public interests. The program is brought after the debate of .mission for stamps. There are many interesting facts which I’ve found out on the American Philatelic Foundation web site: In the first half of ’09 several world posts have issued .memorative editions about the theme "Protecting all polar areas as well as glaciers" so that it will warn the public upon environment changes. Polar areas are the regions of the Earth which en.pass the poles, located north from the Arctic and southern of the Antarctic Circle. These are characterized from the polar temperature, very cold temperatures, heavy glaciations as well as drastic variations in daylight hours having a 24-hour day time during the summer time and long term night in mid-winter. The most famous public collections on the pla. are: the collection of the imperial post office from Germany, the collections belonging to the British royal residence, the collections of King Farouk of Egypt, the collections of the Romanian King Carlos, the collection of Russian Tsar Nicholas II … The most favored personal collections are: the collections of Count Philipp la Renotiere von Ferrary (about 120,000 postage stamps), the collection of Arthur Hind, Colonel Geens, Alfred Caspary, Swiss cigarette billionaire Burrus and also the German Friedrich Heinrich Zinckgraf. Assortment of "Old German cities" of the American John R. Boker is considered one of the biggest in the world. If you want any information regarding stamps, simply enter American Philatelic Foundation inside your preferred inter. search engine. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: