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Not afraid of becoming boring they left the era of artificial intelligence BAT- technology Sohu "I think BAT will become the future very boring, now young people should find job opportunities for the future, not the past opportunity." In the summer of 2016 Chinese Yabuli entrepreneurs forum summit on the horizon, founder and CEO of robot technology Yu Kai said. 2015 when he was vice president of Baidu Research Institute, the depth of learning laboratory (IDL) director of Baidu chose to leave alone to start the development of the Internet of things and robotics era brain chip. One of the reasons why BAT seems to be leaving BAT is that many valuable data are not touched, and that’s where the opportunity for artificial intelligence lies. Although BAT has a huge amount of data, but its are having the user click data, search data, social data, medical data, and related to the life of a car for a day to produce several TB data, the massive data generated billions of trolley and each camera, check violation caused by the security data. "These data are very valuable, but BAT didn’t touch." I told the first financial. They left BAT and Yu Kai, choose to leave Baidu and fourth normal founder and CEO of Dai Wenyuan, he joined Baidu in 2005, becoming the youngest senior scientist at Baidu, as Baidu phoenix nest strategy the most important technical person in charge and the actual manipulator, has won the highest award of Baidu". In 2013, Baidu joined HUAWEI to join the HUAWEI Noah Ark laboratory chief scientist, two years after leaving the business, focusing on artificial intelligence technology and services. If five years ago, artificial intelligence can only be BAT to do, but today is the soil of artificial intelligence data." Dai Wenyuan said, when more and more companies began to focus on data, data collection, the last thing is dispersed." In Dai Wenyuan’s view, the past ten years, the mobile Internet era, to seize the long tail of the flow is particularly critical in the era of artificial intelligence, capture the data of the long tail is more important. In the recent "MIT Technology Review" list of comments world’s 35 year under the age of 35 young entrepreneurs, former Baidu deep learning laboratory director of R & D architect, chief designer Gu Jiawei became one of the 6 types of Chinese. The "Baidu incident" was the person in charge of Baidu "human-computer interaction", the leadership of the project including the Baidu smart glasses, Baidu BaiduEye DuBike smart bike, blind intelligent assistant etc.. In August this year Gu Jiawei left Baidu, the new identity is Wuling technology co-founder, in charge of the artificial intelligence related business. Opportunities not only in the giant’s departure also highlights the tremendous opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence nurtured, AI startups also usher in investment boom. According to the CB Insights artificial intelligence industry released 2016 first quarter report shows that artificial intelligence startup investment enterprises 143, the transaction amounted to $602 million, investment trading volume hit a record high quarterly. As of June 2016.相关的主题文章: