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Arts-and-Entertainment Israel is really the holiest country in the world. This country is holy to the three largest religions of the world, which are Judaism, Islam and Christianity, but tremendously suffers from poor reputation in the world. When you meet people who have never paid visit to Israel, they appear to think that Israel is solitary and desert country with only ship of the deserts, camels, as the principal means transportation and frightful attacks taking place every day. Naturally, in a world where the internet captures an important place for most of the people, travelling to such a place is really a good idea. This article throws light on various things which are enjoyable in Israel and makes readers understand that the things are not as they think. There are major news channels and great treasures in this country for those tourists, who like to .e to Israel. First of all, we all start from the facts regarding climate and geography. Though the deserts capture big parts of Israel, this country has colder parts like The Golan and the Galilee heights with rivers and lakes and one skiing resort. Since Israel is a colorful and small country, where you can travel and plan a one day trip to visit the Judea desert and the Jordan River and the Galilee Lake "Kinneret". Therefore, during one single week of your Israel travel, you will get to see the most diversified and vivid views of nature. Another thing is the political situation. It is absolutely true that Israel has a poor situation and deteriorating law and order. For this, it is inconspicuous all over the world. But, this country should not be blamed for tourism. Some years back, some tourists, who traveled to Ireland, noted that the political condition there at that time was not very different, but still had bad image. In order to put things in scale, the chance of being killed by a bombing attack in Israel is still way less than the chance of being crushed by a car in Manhattan or of being robbed and attacked in the Paris quarter of "Pigalle". During the last couple of years, there has been a considerable decrease in the number of terrorist attacks in the country of Israel and as an individual living here, it is said that there is a safe feeling on the streets and it is absolutely real. Hence these were a few things to do in Israel that gives a fulfilling holiday trip. Read the article thoroughly in order to gather all the important information about it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: