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Film film: not much Chinese pulse Guo Jingming   but the lack of Ang Lee – the media – original title: not much but the lack of Guo Jingming Ang Lee in October 21st, the first session of the Chinese film investment forum held in Haikou. Director Feng Xiaogang, Chen Kuo-Fu, He Ping, Manfred Wong, Sun Zhou, Li Yang, Jin Chengzhu, screenwriter beam Hwan, reed, Wang Hailin, Dong Runnian, Wang Zhongjun, Wang Zhonglei, the film company chiefs Jiang Zhiqiang and Wang Changtian attended the event. The film discusses "the film business environment in pursuit of art and culture of responsibility", some speak of adverse ecological film criticism mercilessly. Sun Zhou: why can’t the director such as Ang Lee in this period begin with the discussion of the current situation of Chinese film industry. Director He Ping said: "the problem is that there is no Chinese film culture, become amenable to rules, subject to market rules, investors head rules, marketing company rules, creative people become enforcers of the rules. I would like to criticize the circle of project managers, director of the class, they became the executor of the rules, leaving the most fundamental thing free creation. How to adhere to our cultural characteristics in the business context is worth discussing, the most important thing is that our creators have their own basic world view." The circle of Guo Jingming’s controversial works, sun Zhou said he very seriously to go to the cinema to see, "I found him in the movie very seriously, I don’t think he does not love movies, love movies, I think he is very serious, from the first to the third part, his very big change just graduated from film school, is not necessarily better than him. It’s normal to have Guo Jingming in an environment right now, and we should ask why Ang Lee didn’t appear in this period." However, screenwriter beam Hwan tells Guo Jingming the popular phenomenon shouting, "everyone in the chat how to cater to the trend, with the audience. The writer has been denounced Guo Jingming, because of his plagiarism, but he has a lot of fans, fans will be the formation of public opinion, and he made money. Recently, Guo Jingming is not very calm, probably because he was not very good at the box office. Box office success can make him despise everything, including industry integrity". Feng Xiaogang: we especially need "Lan Xiang school" to the box office, to take into account the taste of the audience, Feng Xiaogang’s fame is directed by a lot of description of the "small" people living in the film, but his latest creation theme, and now the audience seems a bit far, but he has his own views on the theme: "non mainstream" I am not Pan Jinlian "are not in the trend, and discuss the original Lei Zhongjun film, both of them are not hesitate. We do movies, there have been several times this situation, the "assembly", "1942", "I’m not Pan Jinlian," these are not popular themes. But now we have tasted the sweetness, we turned out to be in the national archives, we found that "I am not Pan Jinlian" first accounted for an advantage, it is not homogeneous, without any theme crash, we become an independent school. I hope that the film creators, to be able to think more about what I can give you what is not in the past. Future tide相关的主题文章: