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First acid and then stabbed his girlfriend to kill a former graduate student was sentenced to death in Shanghai (Figure) suspects Xu in the courtroom. Original title: first acid and then stabbed to kill his former girlfriend, a Shanghai Maritime Univeristy graduate examination request was sentenced to death for his girlfriend of 5 years broke up, Xu unbearable love for many years, she fell in love with someone else, so Xu will be online shopping to hydrofluoric acid splashed his former girlfriend, also stabbed more than and 10 knife. October 31st, the Shanghai Maritime Univeristy graduate students because of a dispute to kill ex girlfriend case in Shanghai first intermediate people’s court hearing. Head is not high, wearing a white T-shirt with a cartoon suspect Xu in the dock on the deep repentance, he said he could not make up for the mistakes made by the court sentenced to death immediately executed.   buy a knife and hydrofluoric acid, is to prove that they are threatening to kill before the incident rather than Xu is a master of the second grade students in Shanghai Maritime Univeristy Merchant Marine College, the victim Zhou is his ex girlfriend, a graduate school of Shanghai Maritime Univeristy. Two people from 2010 began dating more than 5 years, Xu said: "we used to feel good, I first admitted to Shanghai Maritime Univeristy graduate student, and later in my help, she admitted in 2015. We have to talk of marriage, both parents know." January 21, 2016 this day, Zhou asked to break up. "She didn’t give me any reason, and then I found out that she was with him. It was a big blow to me, and I was faced with the pressure of finding a job. I told her that when I left school, she would fall in love with someone else." Xu some naive to ask Zhou, if she and her boyfriend is a fight, two people can break up? "She didn’t answer me, and later told me that Hong Mou know, also said I beat him." This allows Xu is very angry, want to prove their ability to threaten others. So, at the beginning of April 2016, he bought a wooden handle single edged knife for a bottle of 500 ml of hydrofluoric acid, 6 bottles of 500 ml of alcohol on the Internet, has been placed in the school laboratory. "I want to buy alcohol, hydrofluoric acid was found in the time to buy alcohol inadvertently bought hydrofluoric acid." Because it is not a major in chemistry, Xu is not very understanding of acid, I think a little more than the threat of alcohol." The evening of April 29, 2016, Xu told his former girlfriend, said he bought something to threaten them, but some do not believe, also hung up his phone. On the second day, I met Zhou, I told her I was in a bad situation, so that they do not fall in love during my school." Zhou suggested three people talk together. But when Xu saw a flood after the knife from the bag and took out the hydrofluoric acid, the threat of a flood, let Zhou make a decision. I rushed to the flood, he jumped onto the table, I rushed to the Zhou Chong, she poured a hydrofluoric acid, also stabbed her. I’m sure her wounds are caused by me." Xu said. In the trial, Xu has said 6 times, to buy tools and are in the threat of hydrofluoric acid and Zhou Hong, never thought to kill them, "did not want to kill her, the abdomen is not fatal, I think she will be injured, but not to her life." To Dutch act after the attack, but saw Zhou lie"相关的主题文章: