Forbes Trump’s wealth shrink $800 million a year – Sohu news

Forbes: Trump’s wealth "shrink" $800 million a year – the Sohu news in new network on 29 September,   according to foreign media reported that 29 U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump has described himself so beautiful in my source: Part I’m rich. But according to Forbes magazine, Trump’s wealth has shrunk by $800 million since 2015. And Trump himself said that the main reason for shrinking wealth from the New York real estate market weakness". How about 800 million dollars? Trump, who has been tracking and evaluating the fortunes of Mr Forbes, says the collapse of New York’s commercial and office property markets has led to a decline in the fortunes of Mr. In the "Forbes" assessment of the 28 buildings, there are 18 devaluation, including the iconic building in Fifth Avenue, Trump – "building". However, including second high-rise buildings in San Francisco, including the Trump property in the appreciation of the 7. How much did it cost him? The central principle of Mr Trump’s presidential candidate is that his campaign is funded by self-help rather than by his rivals. So far, he has invested $50 million in the campaign. But also through the campaign office in their own "Trump building" and other ways to save some money back. "Forbes" calculation, Trump in the early stage of the campaign on Mexico immigration controversial remarks let him spend an additional $100 million to deal with the media institutions such as the Univision original partners. How much is his wealth worth? That’s what the public can’t really know. This year, Trump reveals his property to the Federal Election Commission, his campaign team claimed that his net worth billions of dollars more than "." But "Forbes" said, Trump’s net worth of about $3 billion 700 million. Bloomberg evaluation of 3 billion, fortune, said about 3 billion 900 million. Reported that one of the reasons for the valuation difference is that Trump estimates his brand value of $3 billion 300 million. Critics say that Trump often confused his income and net income. Will the tax situation reveal his true wealth? Trump refused to publish his tax situation sparked speculation and questioned, Trump’s real wealth is not so much as he said. There is also speculation that he could be "tax evasion". Trump’s opponent, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary,, said in a televised debate on the 26, announced the tax situation is very important". But the report said that even if Trump announced his tax situation tomorrow, they will not reflect his true wealth.相关的主题文章: