Ford will build one of the nation’s largest public bicycle network in San Francisco yuria

Ford will be in San Francisco one of the construction of the nation’s largest public bicycle network Ford will be one of the nation’s largest public bicycle network construction in San Francisco Sina Technology – Beijing morning news on September 10th, Ford announced on Friday that California will support the development of "Bay Area bike sharing project, the total number of public bicycles in the area increase from 700 units to 7000 units. New public bike will be in place in spring 2017. Due to the participation of Ford, by the end of 2018, the San Francisco region will establish the United States, the second largest bike sharing network, second only to New York. This system will be shared by bike startups Motivate to operate, and the name will be changed to Ford GoBike. Users will be able to use one of these public bicycles by Ford. Motivate spokesman Danny · Simmons (Dani Simons) said: "this will bring obvious influence in the bay area travel. In San Francisco, you can see these bikes every few blocks." Simmons also said that Motivate will work closely with Ford in the research and development of bicycle sharing projects, and the use of Ford technology to optimize the overall experience. Currently, the price of unrestricted use of public bicycles is $14.95 per month. In low-income areas, Motivate will provide $5 per month discount. Ford also announced the acquisition of San Francisco’s commuter service in Chariot this week. These initiatives show that Ford’s goal is not only limited to automobile manufacturing, but also want to become a transportation company. In addition, Ford is also investing in the development of automatic driving cars. (Wei Jin)相关的主题文章: