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French demolitions "Jungle" refugee camp dozens of minors were thrown Street – Sohu news 28, the French authorities continue to dismantle the Calais camp. Figure CFP the French government promised they will be sent to shelters to persuade them to leave the camp according to Xinhua news agency, the French authorities even days to clean up the northern city of Calais "Jungle" camp, was traced to dozens of minors "cheat" camps after walk away, so they camped out in the street under the cold weather. Many children that will be continuous on the streets, scared to cry. A number of non-governmental organizations have criticized the French government in violation of human rights of minors, regardless of life and death, and accused the French authorities "mess lost to charity pack". The French authorities began to clean up the promise and then deny in succession "Jungle" from the refugee camp for 24 days, 26 days of the camp were claimed all refugees have been evacuated. However, Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported that as of 26 PM, there are still hundreds of refugees stay there. United Kingdom, the Guardian reported on 27, in the clean-up operations, up to more than 50 minors were French law enforcement officers cheat out of the private, waiting for the bus to send them to stay in the resettlement center. However, the French authorities promised the bus has not disappeared, but there are a large number of police holding shields, tear gas and stun guns rushed to the scene. The police immediately disperse the minors, including people, forcing many children to withdraw to a nearby alley. Some children are aware of and on the streets, began to cry. These minor refugees aged between 14 and 17 years old. Because of the cold weather, the children huddled together against the wall, wrapped in blankets. A teenager from Afghanistan, curled up in a green and yellow bag, cried and said: "you go to France! Your English! You are racist!" when a French volunteers tried to comfort him, the boy said: "this is not your last night (26 days) to sleeping on the side of the road." French authorities require minor refugees to register at the latest 27 PM, otherwise be arrested. However, Hossain, a 16 year old refugee from the Darfur region of Sultan, told the media that he hadn’t been able to register for the first time in a row for the next three days. Nevertheless, Hossain is still on the "Calais" camp is full of gratitude, "there is no war, no threat". Provoke anger of British politicians now in Calais Shas? Sheehan check "Jungle" in the refugee camp. She said that a United Nations treaty stipulates that minors are entitled to special care and assistance, and the United Kingdom, France is the signatory of the treaty, they are in defiance of the law". According to "the guardian" reported that in these minor refugee camp, do not see any French or British official figure, but save the children, watch Calais and refugee youth waiter a number of charities sent guard, fire prevention and other services provided. Save the children spokesman Dorothea sang? Criticism: "these children are again thrown into the woods. The ruling authorities once again walk away, the mess lost to charity pack." It is understood that the French authorities had promised to give minor refugees.相关的主题文章: