From selling products to selling feelings of realist mafengwo is how to

From selling products to selling feelings of realist mafengwo is how to change? Ant cellular CEO Chen Gang sit in the new office in the interface of concise and lively, journalists from the content to the production evaluation mafengwo transaction process is the "breathtaking jump", said they did not agree. This is a high-quality travel, Raiders started the content of the community site, has just announced a formal transition to free line products trading platform. Chen Gang believes mafengwo early set up their own path of development, although the results of each step who is not exactly expected. The travel Master now worthy of the name sitting at the table, with affirmative statements, rigorous and decision. And at the moment, the window is displayed on the screen scroll is the latest trading information, for example, from Kunming Moumou 1 minutes ago to buy a product, a total of X Yuan, a few seconds to reach a new deal. Chen Gang revealed that the first half of this year the total mafengwo trading is about 2 billion, and now has a quarter to maintain profitability. Sometime in the last year, ant cellular products trading income than advertising. This may be a sign that mafengwo has found a pathway from the content to the transaction. UGC tourism website content realized about two roads, one is similar to the media that, to get content flow, in exchange for advertising revenue; the other one is from the travel Raiders, oriented tourism products trading commission. The latter is considered to be difficult to achieve because of the complexity of the decision making process for users to make purchases. On the feasibility of the content to the transaction, the reporter did a small range of interface survey. In the final recovery of 68 valid questionnaires, the majority of people will travel in front of the travel notes, Raiders, there are 45 people that will be travel, Raiders moved to buy the product, which shows that tourism UGC is a good drainage entrance. The number of people who will buy the product directly on the UGC website in 16 or so, other people will turn to the OTA platform after reading the contents of the transaction. Some people will switch between different sites. If it is a closely follow the user decision making process of the UGC site, can directly provide products in line with their needs, the loss of the user can be left to the OTA platform theory. But 6 people travel CEO Jia Jianqiang believes that tourism products are more complex than any other product, many companies did not succeed in the end. Mafengwo recent achievements caused the industry to discuss content realized, because Chinese online travel market, also no one to the core content of the company, the successful completion of such a jump and give a brisk performance. Chen Gang described cellular ant is one Manniu "". Chen Gang and another founder Lv Gang, is the first batch of domestic have a spirit of adventure travel enthusiasts, to know the importance of travel experience, in 2006 they created mafengwo. When most people the traditional way to travel and no new ideas, the number of tourists traveling abroad is only about 13 now. Two years earlier, the tour was founded in Europe, and European students. The two are in the stage of information relatively closed to form their own original community, attracting a great traveler "". The user peaks registered in 2008, he remembered the earliest mafengwo similar to Baidu know.相关的主题文章: