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Finance At every stage of life one requires money, from beginning of the life till the end but surly every one do not start earning and keeps on earning at all the stages of life also there are certain obligations one needs to pay at different stages of life. Financial planning is very important to pay such obligations and to pay future monetary requirements. Financial Planning is a process of ensuring supply of money when and where it is required and to optimise the return of savings. In lay man language financial planning can be a budget or plan to save present and future in.e for certain contingent liabilities like marriage, education and Medicine. This plan allocates future in.e to various types of expenses, such as rent or utilities, and also reserves some in.e for short-term and long-term savings. Financial planning also include investment of present and future in.e in certain ventures or assets to generate maximum returns on the savings, few such ventures could be investment in new business plan, Investment in stock market and in real estate. However financial planning changes its mean slightly in context of organizations where financial planning is based on three main financial documents – balance sheet, in.e statement, and cash flow statement. Financial planning also depends on the forecasted in.e of the organization and then estimates the amount for different uses showcased in budget. In this article we should be talking about personal financial planning. Many people urge that they dont know about financial planning neither do they trust on financial Planner or financial advisor. My answer lies in the success of financial planning .panies or portfolio management .panies managed by financial advisers. Ask your relatives or friends about the services any financial advisor will offer and how much monetary value such financial adviser can add to your savings. At the same time I agree that not all the people perform true multidisciplinary financial planning. Investment professional expertise in certain areas of financial planning such as retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning and investment management. Another good question people may ask that at what stage a person must hire a financial advisor? If you have significant assets like home, land and cash and are willing to protect or grow these assets then you should consider any financial planner for assistance. However at beginning level when you don’t have sufficient amount of assets with you. Self financial planning should be done like budgeting and other investment plans. Experts advise to save thirty percent of your total in.e in zero risk depositories in order to avoid any future financial obligation. So if you are looking to hire a financial planner then what is stopping you? I guess that you doubt on the performance of financial advisor you are considering for financial planning purpose. Ask questions and ask as many as you can. Ask questions from your friends or referrals already availing services of financial advisor, ask them about the performance of their financial advisor and amount they have earned by different investment policies and procedures. Ask questions from financial planners you are considering hiring for your financial planning process, asking how long they have been into the business and what are their biggest achievements, ask about the number of clients, what their credentials are, how they operate, etc. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: