Gerald Joe Moreno Clearly Confused About Jade Sol Luna-candy boy

Business This story begins on a humorous note. About 2 months ago I received an e-mail from my record label Legatus Records in Germany asking if I started promoting my music in a new fashion, I said no but there was a group of people in Europe that were putting some of my invocational music on youtube. The following week I received a phone call from Devona Strassburg (my promoter) from Ritual Promotions asking my if there was a reason why my books sales increased about 200 percent. Again my answer was no. Confused, I googled my name to find that I was being attacked by a well know web-terrorist named Gerald Joe Moreno, who has been banned from Wikipedia for wrongfully attacking people on the internet.. At fist, looking at the page he put up against me, I was in shock ! As the shock wore off I remembered what Devona saidyour book sales went up 200 percent! I realized that I was not being attacked, I was being promoted! The truth is, all his allegations about me are wrong and if his page against me inspired hundreds to buy my books, well, so be it! Anyone who reads my books will know the angle I am coming from and will realize that I am coming from a positive perspective regarding Darkness not a negative one. So, the more books I sell regarding the subject of darkness, the more people will know that my intentions are about becoming conscious of your shadow. So promoting me as a Dark guy with malicious intent will only work against him when people starting buying my books. The reader would realize that he was wrong. My reason for defending myself now is for three reasons. 1. Alot of my clients who have known me for years and whom I have helped work through their shadow self have been very upset by this page. 2. I am currently shopping a larger book deal regarding my profession as an Astrologer and I do not want to have to explain this page to publishers. 3. The allegations are totally incorrect! I have no malicious intent in anything I do spiritual, my goal is freedom from fear! Yes I do use Dark Imagery on my path but is for the sake of purifying my own subconscious fears. And 16 years into this path I can say with honesty..This works! The more fear I remove the more light I can contain. So let me DIRECTLY defend the allegations. 90 percent of the pictures he has displayed are from one night..HALLOWEEN 2005. This was a Halloween party and play at Desert Sage in Apple Valley dedicated to the Mother Goddess. I was Merlin initiating Guenevere and King Arthur..pretty scary!LOL . I posted the pictures all over the net because it was a really fun night! Every single picture that he uses that says La Sera (which means THE EVENING not the Left Hand of Wicca)was sent to me via Legatus Records for the inner sleeve of the CD La Sera-The Left Hand of Hecate and I declined the use of every picture that he posted..every one! Legatus Records is a Metal/Ambient/Goth Label that likes darker imagery in promotion. I am the only Ambient act they have. Joe is having a field day with pictures that I have declined and never used in ANY of my promotions with Legatus Records. Now the part of the debate with Gerald that is scary for most is based upon the skulls. I practice impermanence mediation with a human skull. This is true and is explained in my book Hecate: Death, Transition and Spiritual Mastery. I bought the Skull from a famous Tibetan Shop named Tiger Tiger. .tiger-tiger../catalog/ritualitems/ritualitems.html; Now meditation with Skulls is .mon in Buddhist, Celtic and Indian Aghoric Traditions. This is about transcending the fear of death and has no relationship with dark magic which is FORBIDDEN on my path, again explained in both my books. I am personally against all Magic, and I use this shadow path for spiritual experience and my fears ONLY! I live by the rule HARM NO ONE. There is no maliciousness in any work that I do. Hence, Yoga Centers allow me to give seminars about death and dying from around the world. Yes, I am on a various artist CD and I have met only two people on the CD. Raven Digitalis and Matt James. I have never met any others on the CD. Those selected for the CD had to be well known in their field. Being on a Various Artist CD does not mean that I associate with any of them. I do not hang out with Satanists and I do not believe in a Satan anyway. I find these things humorous. Remember, I spent most of my life in India, darkness has a .pletely different meaning to me. As I say in my book It is not you light that reincarnates but your dark, if you do not be.e conscious of your dark, you will reincarnate until you do! Because of my path in India, it would be easy to target me as a Dark Person by someone with no knowledge of the work of the Shadow Self that I employ on my path. Those who know me and who have been to my seminars have no issue with what I do, again, I have no malicious intent, this is a path about fear! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: