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Growing up in the baby every month in busy what? My mother – Sohu photo from the network two treasure ten days before going to the May age, the age of the child together, parents seem to be very concerned about the problem: the baby can independently stand up? In fact, turning this skill for different physical baby, time is not the same: some babies flexible, some babies lazy, some babies love animals, love the tummy, some baby likes quiet, refused to lie…… The action of different reasons will cause the baby’s flexibility in the use of time is not the same: for example, some children will not climb already can walk; some children don’t stand up for a long time, the half year old suddenly began continuous rolling…… So what is the baby’s big move? What is the role of big moves in the process of children’s growth? Pictures from the network definition of the big action] baby’s action is actually relative to the fine action. Fine action is mainly refers to the action of the baby’s hand, you can gradually learn to grasp, grip, take, take precise action. The big move is the baby’s limbs, trunk movements, including: sit, crawl, stand, walk, jump, look up, turn over, etc.. In accordance with the law of development of the big move, the child’s age, the development of large movements that we often talk about: two lift, turn over the three, the six sitting, the seven roll, the eight climb, the legislation, one year old. Pictures from the network [big action training] People’s life can not be separated from the big movement, the movement in the traditional concept of people has a fixed pattern. The movement itself to pay more effort and sweat, it can teach us to overcome many difficulties, the human cognitive, emotional, social behavior, body shape, physical fitness and so on have a huge impact. Therefore, the great movement is accompanied by our life, very important. Then the big movement through the target training, can let us get twice the result with half the effort. How should the baby’s big exercise? Here is a summary of a month in accordance with the focus on training, but also to the condemnation, parents must not blindly It differs from man to man., set to their babies, that every month or so must be able to so. Here is only a month to do the focus of training, parents should be based on the characteristics of their own baby, make appropriate adjustments and arrangements. The picture from the network < the first month of > the first month of the baby body is very delicate, just started to grow, so slightly to do some simple, lightweight training is good. Half a month after the baby was born in a day, two times rise prone training arrangement. The best between the two breast-feeding, the baby prone, with toys to tease the baby up, not for a long time, in order to avoid the baby too tired. In case the baby can not be forced to cooperate, the mother should be more patient, step by step to gradually guide the baby up. In addition to the new baby and a skill: mother hands cradling baby armpit, let the foot contact bed baby, baby can make natural step action. Let’s try it out! < second!相关的主题文章: