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Han Chunyu responded "repeated test failure": why do I need to prove themselves innocent – Beijing in October 8th, seeing Han Chunyu again at the Hebei University Of Science and Technology in the laboratory, while in the "false papers" and "many people repeat the experiment failed" controversy swirling, but he looks very calm, still not talking, when reporters asked: "you I think if I can fake, so calm?" He said that someone said on the Internet, Han Chunyu now how to sleep? "I told you I slept well". In the afternoon, reporters at the Shijiazhuang science and Technology Daily on the Korean spring conducted an exclusive interview, the following is the interview record: Science Daily: now some lab said it could not repeat your experiment, how do you see this problem? Han Chunyu: I also study why others will repeat the experiment failed, but there is no scientific conclusion, I can say some private reasons such as speculation, may be the material pollution, but the scientific conclusion will have to wait some time. Science and Technology Daily: you repeat this experiment? Han Chunyu: of course, according to the requirements of the paper before the publication of repeated experiments, papers published after repeated. Science and Technology Daily: why not set up a 360 degree camera, the environment will be repeated in the experimental environment? Han Chunyu: it’s a crime. I don’t think it’s necessary. Japan’s small Bulgaria Haruko is not a laboratory and I repeat it, this experiment has been repeated, even the "natural" reporter David are investigated, why should I witness innocent, you are ill? (Note: the "natural" magazine Asia correspondent David Cyranoski reports written in August this year, the article said: an interview with three anonymous China researchers, one of them said in several cell lines detected by NgAgo system, and the result shows that NgAgo can induce genetic mutation in the expected sites, but NgAgo and system efficiency no higher than CRISPR-Cas9, may also improve the subsequent adjustment. Another two scientists who requested anonymity said some preliminary results showed that NgAgo was effective, but still needed further sequencing to confirm. But after the event, "nature" and David per capita said that the report can not be used as evidence of repeated evidence of Han chun. Science and technology daily): "nature" was later sent a statement, said the survey results do not represent the magazine reporter, in addition to "nature" in the report of 3 individuals mentioned are anonymous, you can think of as the reproducible evidence? Han Chunyu: if you say that the report can not be used as evidence, those who questioned my report on why people as evidence of my fraud. "Nature" reporter David is very professional, I provided a list of 5 people to him, and finally he interviewed one of the 3, but the other requested anonymity. David reported my name why you ignored, blindly chase those who questioned my reports, always said, "people can not be repeated". Science and Technology Daily: do you mean that you have made it clear that someone has come out again? Convenient to tell us specifically相关的主题文章: