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Hangzhou mutton pot festival for new home new sheep pot village welcoming November 18th this year eleven, in addition to thousands of hand chop party in the crazy shopping, there are a group of about ten years in the heart chowhound: meet the double eleven mutton pot Festival this year, how did the news, it is not Tao sheep pot? Don’t worry, this Tao sheep pot is later than usual point, but never let them down. Luo Yuhua, President of the association, told Qian Qian reporter that the latest news was that in November 18th, the new sheep village was going to open the village on Friday! This year, Tao sheep pot relatively low-key, the reason is the old sheep pot village (Ge Village) to build the Metro Line 5 and Hangzhou near Chengtie transfer point, new sheep pot village were moved to the outside of the two crossing the village of Ma Tiaoxi villages, and villages are the old sheep pot 10 minutes. In fact, last autumn, the village of sheep was once moved to the west of Hangzhou normal university". Then new sheep pot village and address changes, to highlight the village street warehouse before the phase of the taste, a small village in the Tiaoxi Village area, away from Hangzhou high-speed export close to pingyao. Some time ago, the money newspaper reporter went to the scene, where everyone is a small villa, surrounded by vineyards around the rice fields to the north, and a hill near, like a beautiful scenic area. "Compared to the old sheep pot village, the environment here is better, and the light of the village parking lot can stop more than 200 cars."." Luo president said, there are 12 sheep pot confirmed settled in the new sheep village. Because in a hurry, some facilities also continued late, so some sheep pot festival do not engage in. Although the cost has increased, the price of sheep pot remains unchanged. Specifically is this: pour 280 yuan (for 2-4); the pot of 480 yuan (for 6-8); 660 yuan (for 10-12 pot). If 32 friends, a little lamb pot on it, with a pot of Aberdeen, bone, liver, lungs, gut, morel, and cooked mutton sheep foot 72, 72, 1 sheep soup bowl, 4 servings of vegetables. Old sheep village will be officially closed in November 15th, although the new sheep village has not opened the village, but in recent days there have been several dig out. The new sheep pot village routes are: Hangzhou high-speed export Pingyao, along the Avenue (warehouse to warehouse Pingyao bottle before) about 3.5 km south or west to east; West Avenue North 4.5 km; 450 bus routes can stand in the "Tiaoxi village" or "Wu Shan Qian Cun; mobile phone navigation" Yang Guo Cun Cang Qian.

杭州仓前羊锅节换新家 新羊锅村11月18日迎客今年双十一,除了万千剁手党在疯狂血拼,还有一群吃货心里在念叨:十年相约双十一的仓前羊锅节,今年怎么没消息了,难道是没得掏羊锅了?不要急,今年掏羊锅是比往年稍迟了点,但绝对不会让大伙失望。仓前羊锅协会会长罗玉华告诉钱报记者的最新消息是:11月18日,本周五,新羊锅村就要开村啦!今年掏羊锅比较低调,原因是老羊锅村(葛巷村)要建地铁5号线和杭临城铁的换乘点,新羊锅村则搬到了两个路口之外苕溪村的马家自然村,与老羊锅村相距10分钟左右车程。其实,去年秋天就一度传出羊锅村“可能搬到杭师大仓前校区西边”。后来新羊锅村地址又有变化,为突出村味,仓前街道在苕溪村一带相中了一个小村庄,离杭长高速瓶窑出口很近。前段时间,钱报记者去看了现场,那里家家都是小别墅,周围稻田葡萄园环绕,往北还有一座小山依傍,美得像个风景区。“相比老羊锅村,这里环境更好,而且光村口的停车场就可以停200多辆车。”罗会长说,目前有12家羊锅确认入驻新羊锅村。因为匆忙,有些设施还要后期续建,所以羊锅节的一些活动暂时不搞了。尽管成本有所增加,但掏羊锅价格不变。具体是这样的:小锅280元(适合2-4人);中锅480元(适合6-8人);大锅660元(适合10-12人)。如果是三两朋友小聚,点个小羊锅就可以了,内含小锅仔一只,有骨头、羊肝、羊肺、羊肠、羊肚,外加熟羊肉七两,羊脚七两,羊血汤1碗,4份蔬菜。老羊锅村,11月15日将正式停业,新羊锅村虽然没开村,但这几天已经有几家开掏了。新羊锅村行车路线是:杭长高速瓶窑出口下,沿瓶仓大道(瓶窑到仓前)往南约3.5公里;或者文一西路往西到东西大道右拐往北约4.5公里;公交450路可以在“苕溪村”或“吴山前村”站下;手机导航“仓前羊锅村”即可。相关的主题文章: