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Hao! The epic four too buy 1 billion 100 million house to let their daughter: the investment of the epic four too send two daughter mansion according to Taiwan media reported on October 23rd, the Australian tycoon He Hongshen worth up to 300 billion, the 94 year old legend constantly, and has four wives. But four of his mistress Liang Anqi recently spent $1 billion 300 million (about RMB 1 billion 130 million) bought 4 mansion, distributed to the 26 year old eldest daughter He Chaoying and 17 year old daughter He Chaoxin, two daughter can "learn investment". According to Hongkong media reports, Liang Anqi 21, boarded the Hongkong financial headlines, her generous spending of HK $1 billion 300 million, bought 4 Hongkong peak "Mount Nicholson" mansion, distributed to the two daughter of He Chaoying and He Chaoxin. When asked about the intention to buy 4 houses, she said: want to let children learn to invest." Although the woman you He Chaoxin is only 17 years old, but she said, "the kids to start learning how to invest, as to rent out, or is their own lives, let them decide, because optimistic about the housing market in Hongkong, want to let them try."相关的主题文章: