Harvest straw to do poineering work to help about two million government investment in renewable res 步步高i606

Harvest straw to do poineering work to help the government to invest about two million yuan of renewable resources, the reporter visited the town of seven stars in Zhijiang, heard a transformation of the boss of the chemical industry, the harvest straw story of the 16. Li Yanshan, the original is the chemical enterprise universal Xinxin biotechnology company boss, production and operation of diesel engine. Last March, the local government requires universal moved away from the City Xinxin Baiyang industrial park. At this time, benefit declining Showtime’s looking universal way. An accidental opportunity, Li Yanshan learned that the branch will be banned in Jiangcheng coal. "Do not burn coal, burn what? Natural gas, biomass energy!" Li Yanshan eyes bright, hastened to field investigation of biomass energy. At the end of last year, Li Yanshan set up a limited use of renewable resources, with "straw". Came to the company’s workshop, the device is running at full speed, straw crushing, drying, screening, governance, cooling, and finally produce a cigarette shaped biomass fuel. Li Yanshan picked up a paper: "this kind of fuel, do not produce harmful gas and cinder, only 10 minutes to form steam pressure of 10 MPa in the boiler, than coal for nearly half an hour; have a ton of steam, than burning natural gas to save nearly 120 yuan." Since April this year, since the beginning of the year, Li Yanshan’s company and Zhijiang 6 companies to form a stable supply relationship, full capacity production, still in short supply. How to benefit? Li Yanshan’s answer seemed helpless: "before the factory factory in heavy traffic, be in full swing, too little for pocket". Straw is not good to close. At home in rural areas are mostly elderly, riding agricultural vehicles to send straw, the company needs to subsidize 200 yuan per ton, the cost is high; if the reunification of the car by the company received, the operation is too difficult. Profit is too thin. 3 tons of raw materials to produce 1 tons of biomass fuels, including compensation to farmers, wages, freight and other costs totaling 850 yuan, 900 yuan to sell products. Equivalent to eat an agricultural vehicle straw, earn only 50 yuan. Enterprise production for 4 months, net profit of only $160 thousand. Enterprises have difficulties, the government to help. Jiang Benxi, deputy director of Zhijiang Agricultural Bureau, Zhijiang financial investment about 2400000 Yuan, according to the standard of $40 per ton, straw comprehensive utilization of enterprises. At the same time, in the industrial projects, Zhijiang strive to be included in the country’s agricultural production throughout the social service pilot counties, has declared 7 million yuan comprehensive utilization of straw. Reduce the collection cost of Li Yanshan company, Qixing Town in each village construction of centralized purchasing and storage point of straw. Seven Star Town, Dong village, the introduction of incentive policies, the villagers each to the enterprise to send a ton of straw, the village gave the villagers subsidies 100 yuan. More entrepreneurial information, please pay attention to the big Chu venture WeChat, scan the two-dimensional code or search dachucy相关的主题文章: