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Have you been working hard for your dreams to come true? – the food channel, people.com.cn Rio Olympic flame has been extinguished while for half years, but the fact that the Olympic Games on the picture, unwilling and helpless tears, gold and reflect each other and adhere to the ideal picture has remained in our memory. Sun Yang’s tears and persistence, "the girl" Fu Yuanhui’s humor, China women return to the world summit, the national team players with their fighting spirit infected everyone, Rio 2016 destined to bring us a memorable summer. Remember when watching martial arts movies, the deepest impression is "The Legendary Swordsman" in the phrase "Oriental Sunrise, I am", that is quite domineering. China table tennis team swept the world of the king of gas, unmatched opponent. Of course, the title is behind, their training is to develop, month after month and year after year, the coach of the team play tactical strategy. Chinese team in the Olympic Games, the biggest surprise no doubt from the women’s volleyball team. In the last quarter finals under the condition of strong counter attack, host defending champion Brazil in the semi-final revenge Holland, gold medal game, behind the case of a board, even the final three games against Serbia, the interpretation of "the return of the king". This is a combination of wisdom and practice. Of course, the other team’s performance can not be underestimated. Bicycle racing Olympic gold medal women’s team to achieve zero breakthrough; men’s and women’s 20 km race gold was China players into the capsule; diving, weightlifting, Judo…… National team in Rio continues to bring us surprises. Erie for the map in fact, in the field of intelligent manufacturing, also has a wisdom made national team, has been adhering to its quality to win consumer trust. Yili, the level of world class manufacturing cast unmatched manufacturing hard power, more forward-looking to Chairman Pan Gang, innovative thinking, guide the direction for intelligent manufacturing Chinese dairy industry, establish Chinese made the benchmark. For Erie, only from manufacturing to intelligence, can lead the future direction of China’s dairy industry, and constantly enhance the brand influence. (Note: This article belongs to people.com.cn published business information, the content does not represent the views for reference only.) (NIE Cong laugh right, commissioning editor: Juan)相关的主题文章: