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Hawkeye challenge landing system Chinese Volleyball League, Tianjin women’s volleyball team to do a "challenge" to! The introduction of Sohu – Sports "Hawkeye" challenge system can be said to be the biggest change in the new season China Volleyball League, the Tianjin women’s volleyball team will be 29 days at Henan for the first time to experience this change, the whole team for the launch of "Hawkeye" challenge in the game is ready. Tianjin women’s volleyball team arrived in Luohe after the two training, the staff has been busy venue layout. In addition, the site debugging LED baffle advertising stickers arrangement consists of 17 cameras and two computer components of the Hawkeye challenge system is also carrying on the final preparations, staff briefed reporters said: "each of the key position of the 17 cameras covering the entire field of volleyball, two line, two the bottom line, two line, three line, and both sides set up a network camera, including smashing thugs, in outside, net, can challenge the boundary line. When a team launched a challenge, the site staff will play through the computer, and then through the 3D animation on the scene of the big screen, the whole process should be about 1 minutes." For the new Hawkeye challenge system, Tianjin women’s volleyball team captain Chen Liyi said: "if you encounter controversial penalty, the players who play between us will first communicate, more important is the coach and communication, and then decide whether to challenge. Because there are only 2 chances for each game, there will be a chance to challenge the success of the 2 chance of failure to reduce the opportunity to challenge the 1, it must be carefully decided." Coach Wang Baoquan said: "the challenge" eagle eye "system will make the less controversial penalty, the game will be more fair. In fact, so many years of playing ball, the coach and the players on the field for some of the judgment are key or experience, between coaches and players to communicate, there is the choice to challenge the time, we were ready."   相关的主题文章: