Hefei Vanward elevator at the metro area yesterday staged-vidown

Vanward Hefei metro area yesterday staged lift "panic" in September 18th, the focus of the elevator safety problem in Hefei city area. After the publication of the article, many owners have caused great concern to reporters reflect their own area of existence and lift the ills of personal experience. The elevator button is broken, even the wrong person casually with a lift; a open and close rapidly, the old man was frightened in a nice hobble; from the 24 layer elevator speed down, passengers witnessed the elevator; the elevator suddenly dark, and suddenly start 15 minutes…… Just yesterday afternoon, Yaohai Vanward elevator suddenly from a metro area 19 storey fall to 12, 7 adults and 1 children were trapped, staged cry for half an hour. Vanward elevator metro area from 19 storey fall to 12, 8 people were trapped for half an hour on September 18th at 16:30 in the afternoon, Hefei fire brigade command center received a report: Vanward is located in metro area 4 pathway Building 1 unit 12 floor elevator deformation, there are people trapped, in urgent need of rescue. 10 minutes later, the area of Yaohai squadron dispatched a rescue fire engines rushed to the scene to rescue. After arriving at the scene, the police are trying to tell the trapped people across the elevator door, but there is no response. The elevator maintenance personnel arrived at the scene, with the key to open the elevator door, then saw the elevator car stuck. Fire officers and soldiers immediately launched rescue, 5 minutes later, a total of 7 children have been safely rescued. "At about 4:10, we came down from the 21 floor, and then I went to the 19 floor. They come up many people, just closed the elevator, it fell directly to the 12 floor." According to one of the trapped people recalled, when the elevator, a total of 7 adults, as well as a child of 10 months old, the people were trapped together for more than half an hour. Fortunately, 8 people were trapped, in addition to the two were slightly injured, there is no harm. Lift the Rose City B district has closed, the old man was frightened in a nice hobble before the holiday, the reporter visited the elevator status near east Rose City C District, published 18 days after the live Rose City B District owner Liu told reporters reflect said, "C is still good, we lift B area the problem is more serious." How serious the problem? 18, the reporter went to the Rose City District again. Compared with the C District B district belongs to the open The gate is strictly guarded.. Reporters immediately to the north of the building 9 and building 10 visited. During the visit, the reporter found that 9, building 10, each has a lift, but all of a bad two. But the elevator call panel above cases with transparent tape wrapped around a couple of. The car near the building wall dilapidated, temporary use of cement paste to live. Open the Elevator 9, the reporter stepped in, did not have time to turn around, they found the elevator door quickly closed. Reporters tried again, found that the elevator door closing speed is really fast. At this time, a more than and 70 year old grandmother walked into the elevator from the outside, the old man has not fully come in, the door will be closed quickly, scared the old man’s arm, looked at the elevator in a panic, turned to quit. After leaving the area, the reporter consulted the elevator maintenance professionals that elevator appeared.相关的主题文章: