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Heifengshuangsha Qi Sheng Yanbian Jiangong Liaozu 3-0 relegation worries comments – super sports Sohu Highlights – James broke Jaime Ukraine two 3-0 Yanbian 3-0 Yanbian Hongyun Liaozu break James funny hair to celebrate the Beijing time on September 24th, the twenty-sixth round of Super League, Liaoning Hongyun home court against Yanbian flight. The first half James riding alone checkpoints to break the deadlock, then James was forced off Ukraine, Jaime opened two degrees, the Liaoning team beat Yanbian 3-0. In the 24 round, 7 wins 8 flat 10 negative Liaozu plot 29 points ranked twelfth. Liaozu suffered 2 defeats: home court negative 0-2 Guoan, negative Evergrande 2-6 away. On a distant home court lost 0-2 Guoan, Tiexi home court streak was broken. Liaozu this season in the home court 12 war 5 wins 4 flat 3 negative scoring 19 points, ranked eighth in the standings in the home court record. Liaozu is currently leading the relegation zone Yatai 6 points, if the win in Yanbian can successfully avoid relegation announced. Yanbian 9 wins, 5 draws and 11 negative points in ranked ninth. Yanbian nearly 5 rounds only 1 wins away, suffered 3 defeats only 1 goals: 0-1 negative, 1-2 negative, Lifan Yatai negative 0-3 guoan. Yanbian Super League 12 games this season, a total of 1 wins, 2 draws and 9 losses to get a total of 5 points, ranked in the super away score standings countdown to second. Yanbian is currently leading the relegation zone 9 points, no threat of downgrade. Liaozu Yanbian Super League, a 3 clash, Hongyun 2 wins and 1 losses, the first leg of the season, Liaozu 1-4 defeat away Yanbian. Third minutes, Yanbian won a free kick near the corner of the left side of the penalty area, Zhong Guo choose to play near the corner kick pool, the ball is Shi Xiaotian denied the bottom line. Chi Zhongguo corner, Liaoning rescue team, be before third minutes, Liu Shangkun cut after shot by Chi Wen, a supporting bar. Liaoning continued onslaught, James left to Kim Yasunobu pass was blocked, after peripheral again, Zhang Ye points to the side to plug Zheng Tao, Zheng Tao recorded a burst shot high. Eleventh minutes, Ujae directly hit the door over the bar. Thirteenth minutes, Liaozu the right ball into the penalty area, the ball turned to the left Wujiana inserted on Kim Yasunobu, Kim Yasunobu shot was saved the pool. After less than 1 minutes, Liaozu will lead! Ujae left the ball to James Road, James ball breakthrough over defenders chanqiang after low shot into the box! Liaozu Yanbian 1-0! Fourteenth minutes, Mike midfielder took the ball, the action will be very much of its shovel down, eat the first yellow card after the opening of the Pei Yuwen. After 3 minutes, Liaozu get the edge of the area free kick opportunity, Asani shot hit the wall. Twenty-first minutes, Liaozu and get the opportunity, James took the ball to the right side of the selfless pass to Yang Yu, Yang Yu in the face of a single pool of paper, put the ball in the goalkeeper. Twenty-third minutes, the Yanbian team was the first to make substitutions, Jin Hongyu was Pu Shihao for. Thirty-third minutes, Steve ball breakthrough brought down by Yang Shanping, who eat a yellow card. The placement of the opportunity to kick to Zhong Guo pool into the box, Hetaijun header break was blown offside. Fortieth minutes, Liaozu substitution, Weiduoxiqi for injured James. In stoppage time, Liaozu to expand the score, Weiduoxiqi pass, Ujae chest)相关的主题文章: