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Hon Hai SHARP took America leading TV brand authorized Hisense group Hon Hai shares investment in the formal Japanese electronics maker SHARP does not let go – [Technews] new technology technology Sohu (SHARP), the president Terry Gou instructed to restructure the organization, and polish SHARP international brand awareness. Therefore, after the outgoing vice president Dai Zhengwu Foxconn took over SHARP president, have ready to take back the television brand licensing program in europe. However, this plan seems to be in Chinese, bootmen. At present, TV brand SHARP America authorized Chinese Hisense group, day ago had no intention to give up the SHARP brand licensing. According to Chinese media reports, Hisense Group CEO Liu Hongxin said before the media China accept surging news interview, news for SHARP intends to recover in the Americas for Hisense group TV brand authorization statement, Liu Hongxin confirmed that SHARP is indeed through various ways, expression to recover the TV brand licensing idea. However, at present, because Hisense will SHARP brand operating well in the Americas, and in strict accordance with the contract to handle. Therefore, there is no plan to give up the SHARP TV brand licensing. Hisense group in 2015 to $23 million 700 thousand price, the acquisition of SHARP is located in Mexico plant all equity and assets, and access to SHARP TV in the United States outside of Brazil, the right to use the brand. In fact, after the Hon Hai investment SHARP, new president Dai Zhengwu once pointed out, hope SHARP brand can continue to play an important role in the world. Therefore, in the case of the planned restructuring of SHARP, but also want to recover the brand license around. For example in the Taiwan area Chinese, the original SHARP brand appliances is the original SHARP and Taiwan sanbol joint venture company Xia treasure authorized agent. After through negotiation with the liquidation at the end of the venture’s operation, leading to return by the Hon Hai SHARP in Taiwan China brand management. In the past, SHARP financial poor years, SHARP in the Americas and Europe as the decline of the brand influence. Therefore, in order to reach Guo Dong instructions polished SHARP signs of the plan, that is, Dai Zhengwu hopes to be able to get back to the brand autonomy. Currently, in addition to the Americas, the Japanese media also reported that SHARP TV program plans to buy back in 2014 to sell to the European emerging TV manufacturers UMC (Universal Media Corporation) using brand licensing. Also, on 2016, announced in September, has reached an agreement with the UMC group, SHARP by investing in UMC, the two sides in the joint expansion of the business, the development of new business cooperation. SHARP also promote global brand layout in the European market. (source: the first figure "science news" photo) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: