How Install Joomla On Your Computer-zhongguorentiyishu

Web-Design Before installing Joomla the user will need to check that they have the system requirements on their computer to be able to run Joomla software. The system requirements are PHP. Apache and MYSQL. Once the user is satisfied that the requirements are there or have been installed they can then download Joomla-Installation. Once the installation download is complete the user needs to unzip the Joomla installer package in their local web server, open their web browser and install the package. Unzip the downloaded installation file and name it. Click on server icon and select Move the mysite folder into the directory. Go back to the directory and chose Localhost. In the address bar find http://localhost. Add /mysite. The address bar should now read http://localhost/mysite. Press enter and the installation page appears. The next step is to choose the language and click on next to go to configuring Data Base. When prompted type in mysql for Database type and then localhost. Next enter username and leave password empty. Click on next and the Database will be generated automatically by Mysql. The next step is to set up FTP connections, click on next then type in site name, next type in your email address and Admin Password to confirm action. You must remember the password as you will need this later on. If the sample data is required click on install Sample Data and the data final page will appear. Following this delete the installation file from the directory. The user name to access the Administration panel is admin and the password required is the previous password that you should write down for further use when you need it Access the site by selecting the server icon, localhost and at the end type in/mysite. In the address bar you will see http://localhost/mysite. Click on Enter and the Joomla homepage will appear. Type in /administrator to the backend of the address so that it reads http://localhost/mysite/administrator and then press Enter. You are now ready to login to Administration. Type in username admin, the password and press login. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: