How To Apply A Hair

Hair-Loss The proper application of a hair replacement system is very important. If the system isnt properly place the hair wearer may find the system un.fortable and un-Styleable. First it is important to have all your products readily at hand and of course a mirror will be necessary. Be sure that your system as well as your scalp is absolutely clean and free from dirt and oil and both your head and system should be dry. For the benefit of your skin it is re.mended that you apply a skin cleaner to remove any additional oil on the scalp and if available apply a thin layer of Scalp Prep to protect your scalp after the system is on. If youre wearing a tape on system, wipe the tape tab area with some 99% alcohol to assure there is no residue or oil on the tape tab area. Apply your tape, lifting the liner in areas where youre overlapping strips. Once your tape is in place remove the liner. Have your existing hair clean dry and styled then pick up your system holding the front towards you with the back away from you and have the base inverted. Inverting the base will keep the hair from getting on the tape. Locate the center front of you hair line and gently place the front of the system at this point then gently roll the system back into place on your scalp. Check your placement and if your happy with it press the tape onto your scalp. If you find you are a little crooked with your placement gently pull the system off going from back to front, readjust the placement and repeat the procedure. Once the system is in place style the hair into your existing hair and you should be ready to go. After a few tries this action second nature. If youre using a full head bond you are probably using an adhesive so your preparation will be slightly different. Again, it is important to have hair system and scalp .pletely clean and free from dirt and oil. It is particularly important to prepare the scalp utilizing a scalp cleaner and scalp prep. The cleaner has an astringent value that will close the pores and the scalp prep will coat the skin on the scalp to keep potential bacteria from making its way into the skin. If youre wearing a skin system, wipe the base with 99% alcohol and allow to .pletely dry. Once the base is dry apply a thin layer of your adhesive and allow the adhesive to get slightly tacky. Apply a thin layer of adhesive to your scalp and also allow the adhesive to get slightly tacky. Once the scalp and base are ready follow the directions above for applying the system. It is very important with a full head bond to do this procedure correctly the first time. As you roll the system back onto your scalp press is gently down to eliminate any bubbles or wrinkles. Once you have the system on and in place gently press the entire system allowing the adhesive on the base and scalp to bond together. If youre doing a full head bond with lace, follow the same procedure only eliminate putting the adhesive on the base of the system and apply two thin layers of the adhesive to the scalp allowing the first to dry before applying the second layer and letting the second layer get tacky, then apply the lace system to the head in the same manner as the skin. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: