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How to choose kindergarten will help to improve children’s future academic performance? Sohu maternal and child now, parents pay more and more attention to early childhood education. Life in the kindergarten is an important stage of a gradual transition from family to primary school children, parents for their children to take good kindergarten, even at the price of admission to a number. So, how to choose kindergarten? In Chinese, due to public education including public kindergartens with policy support, has a special advantage, parents are usually preferred; in addition, parents choose private kindergarten is considering reputation reputation, the facilities in the park, eating quality, even if the early arrangements for the first grade elementary school curriculum. But it is clear that the parents of kindergarten teachers are far less concerned about the degree of primary school teachers, it seems that only excellent primary school teachers can help children in the future. Of course, there is no doubt about the importance of a good primary school teacher for the growth of children, for example, researchers have studied how students are affected by the long-term impact of the different levels of teaching. The researchers looked at the five year old students in the school system of the top two cities in the United states. The results showed that the students who received excellent teachers in grade three or four and grade five had the best scores in the standardized mathematics achievement test, with an average score of 83% and 96%, respectively. In contrast, three years of education by the worst teachers, the worst results in the standardized mathematics achievement test, respectively, 29% and 44%, the difference reached more than 50%. It can be concluded that the excellent teachers can make all the students get a better performance in school, especially the students who have poor performance can benefit from the excellent teachers’ teaching. So, kindergarten teachers also have such a big impact on children? The United States has two researchers worked in a school district surveyed all kindergarten children enrolled, they found that the quality of kindergarten teacher-student relationship can predict the future of grade eight (equivalent to the second grade junior middle school China) learning and behavior of students, especially for those serious problems in the behavior of students, the prediction effect more obvious. The study found that, if the teacher can sensitively perceive their needs, and often provide appropriate feedback, can reduce the possibility of their problem behavior in the next school life, especially for children with behavior problems. However, because most parents have the kindergarten children to learn as the transition period to the primary school, often pay more attention to the kindergarten facilities and whether it can carry out earlier primary school contents of teaching often ignore the importance of kindergarten teachers, especially the importance of the relationship between teachers and students. As a matter of fact, it is very important for the development of children’s learning habits. If the teacher is concentrating on learning content, and not pay attention to the relationship between child development and good, and correct some bad habits develop at home in time, may let the children take these problems into the primary school life. At the same time, the knowledge of primary school is not so important in kindergarten!相关的主题文章: