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Health Interested in figuring out how to stop from sweating like crazy? If you’ve suffered from excessive sweating for any amount of time, you know just how crippling it can be. Being afraid to raise your arms anywhere above waist level, being nervous around hugging others or even shaking peoples hands, it’s rediculous! But nearly 8 million people worldwide are dealing with the same problem. So how can you stop this? Well, one way how to stop from sweating like a rabid dog is to pickup a good antiperspirant from the store. Now chances are you’ve already done this, but see if you can find yourself some Mitchum or Certain Dri, those work the best out of the store bought products you’ll find. Another thing to try is to get some medication. Yup, good old fashioned drysol or driclor, they are prescription antiperspirants which can really cut down on your sweating, big time. You don’t have to apply this every day, maybe every other day and you do it right before bed. It may give you a funny itching feeling, but You should start seeing results fairly quickly. Another solution to consider is upping your water intake. Believe it or not, drinking more water is actually going to make you sweat less, not more! Make sure it’s cold water, it will help to regulate your body’s temperature and in so doing, you won’t be sweating as much. Lastly, if you want to learn how to stop from sweating up a storm, try cutting back on coffee. Most of us are heavy coffee drinkers and coffee is loaded with sugar and caffeine, both of which increase anxiety and in turn sweating. If none of these techniques quite do the trick, chances are you have an extreme case and will need to whip out the big guns. Not to worry, there are more powerful methods out there. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: