HUAWEI mate 9 is expected to release in November but mate S2 may come first (video) happynewyear

HUAWEI Mate 9 is expected to be released in November but Mate S2 may be the first Tencent to digital news (blue) HUAWEI Mate 9 on the network recently frequent exposure, and that will be released in November 18th. Now, after being leaked renderings and posters, there’s a new machine MHA-TL00 and MHA-AL00 two models have gained radio type approval under HUAWEI, have CNC function, there may be a HUAWEI Mate 9 version and the full version of CNC operators. At the same time, according to industry analyst @ pan on the micro-blog broke the news that HUAWEI Mate S2 has also been on the road, so it means that before the end of this year, the HUAWEI Mate series will usher in two upgraded products. HUAWEI Mate 9 broke the body of the integration of dual camera won type approval according to the National Radio Management Bureau released the latest information shows that MHA-TL00 and MHA-AL00 have two new machines to obtain the radio type approval in September 12th, HUAWEI’s, have CNC function, and from the type name that should be mobile and full Netcom version. Although there is no further information on these two new machines are disclosed, but in accordance with the previous sources on micro-blog, HUAWEI Mate 9 phone model is MHA-*L00". Therefore, the MHA-TL00 and MHA-AL00, it means that HUAWEI Mate 9 has entered the testing phase, is expected to officially debut in November. Equipped with 960 kylin is worth mentioning is that the exposure of the HUAWEI Mate 9 mobile phone models are micro-blog sources previously disclosed that HUAWEI Mate 9 will have the function of iris recognition, and at the HUAWEI Mate series for the first time to join the infrared connection function. It is expected to be equipped with 6 inches touch screen and pre installed the latest Android system, and equipped with Unicorn processor and dual camera design 960. At the same time, there are users in the micro-blog claimed that he saw in the cafeteria as like as two peas HUAWEI Mate 9 engineering machine configuration and network, it also means that HUAWEI Mate 9 does using two cameras are arranged vertically, and equipped with Leica technology. In addition, the HUAWEI Mate 9 equipped with dual cameras will also be rumored to use a 22 million 500 thousand pixel SONY IMX318 sensor, support for composite automatic focusing and electronic anti shake of the three axis, able to shoot 30fps 4K video. Mate S2 has been on the road, and according to the exposure of the poster leaked information display, HUAWEI Mate 9 will be a 2K screen version of the launch, and provide 4GB RAM+64GB ROM standard, 4GB RAM+128GB ROM 6GB RAM+256GB ROM high, and top with three kinds of combination of storage, at the same time and high top pressure also has the sense of touch as for technology, in terms of price than HUAWEI Mate cash 8 starting price slightly higher. However, the above statement is from the network rumors, the authenticity of the message may be half truths. At the same time the legendary HUAWEI.相关的主题文章: