Hubei a village of a strange hundreds of pear tree flowers actually October (video) coscoqd

Hubei is a village out of hundreds of strange pear tree actually opened in October Huadu said "if suddenly spring night, the trees of pear blossoms", this poem in the Master Cheng Liyuan will be rewritten. Two days ago, the autumn night, Master Cheng Liyuan pear full. Jingzhou City Shashi Guanyin Town Master Cheng for five years this pear, but appeared for the first time, wake up, see their tree full of flowers, he is stunned, the garden of six hundred trees, now at least two hundred or three hundred trees have blossomed. Like Master Cheng, there are several kinds of pears in the village folks, pear flowers can not Master Cheng garden less than. Master Cheng is a late autumn pineapple, according to the normal growth of pear should open in the spring! This season was the results of the time, but now the pear tree and fruit and flowers, is good, this can affect the outcome of bloom ah! History teacher said, the flowering time, at least a pear to grow to a pound of 32, now only 672, it is estimated the flowers absorb nutrients. In the end what is going on, Cheng master is thoroughly confused, watching the flowers and fruit, he is also anxious. " dressed pear; " autumn flowers are no longer open view, the problem of Master Cheng and villagers, have experts to solve. The fruiter expert Yao Hui teacher said, this phenomenon is a common phenomenon of anti flower pear cultivation, also called blossoming in autumn, autumn blooming pear has great influence on the pear tree, will consume nutrition, have great influence on the output of second years. So, this kind of phenomenon, in the end what is the reason? Yao Hui said: " pear leaves not, with dry climate, on the formation of the spring climate, leaf deciduous after forced dormancy, coupled with climate, flowers ahead of time spent next year, no fruit. " Yao said the teacher, from Master Cheng Liyuan in the situation, open the important reason of flowers, these trees are mainly caused by severe defoliation. Is mainly caused by deciduous plant diseases and insect pests, Yao teacher found that there are lots of stephanitis Nashi in pear leaves, insects after causing defoliation. Simply put, the pear trees lost their leaves like clothes off this season without clothes must be cold, but every day in the sun, the temperature is quite high, it is thought that pear trees in spring, spring, flowers naturally open. It seems, to prevent the autumn pear not flowering, the leaves can be well protected, experts say, must strengthen the management of water and fertilizer before fruit pear, pear to ensure adequate nutrition. Experts suggest that the drought situation, every ten days one time irrigation water, the fertilization fertilization, ensure the foliage. Analysis of Master Cheng Yao teacher listened, thought really is such a thing, he said: " this year I is not fat, every year fertilizer did not open anti flowers, like we kind of planted on the ridge is more dry, the reason is obvious. " in addition to strengthen management, to ensure that no leaves, but also the good pest control. Pear pest and disease prevention should be carried out in April and May of each year, if there is no harm to the pest control thoroughly, will extend to the present pear. Experts suggest that if the current hair.相关的主题文章: