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I don’t know how to write "three words" Don’t hurry up fail the exam – Sohu sommelier international tourism named Sommelier. Sommelier comes from the French, specifically responsible for the drinks in the hotel, restaurant waiter. Now, the sommelier refers to professional wine knowledge and skills in the hotel, providing liquor and advisory services to guests, is responsible for the menu design, wine tasting, identification, purchasing, sales and management professionals in the cellar. Do not think that the sommelier’s work is very simple, they want to do things can be very professional, not only have a basic aesthetic culture, with a sense of appreciation and professional knowledge. How to master the best wine wine temperature, in order to create the most perfect taste for customers? What kind of dishes with which wine can make the customer’s meal more wonderful? How to through the observation of gender, age, guests dress taste, mood, with the most appropriate language, and recommend the most suitable for the status of a wine for customers, allow customers to truly understand the meaning of this wine is? Both flavor and varieties traits, vintage quality or areas of local customs and practices, sommeliers will perfectly answer customer put any questions about wine. The sommelier is the best interpretation of Wine culture, their customers in a pleasant taste at the same time, also let customers feel it deep inside Wine culture better. Today to introduce several ring Hotel sommelier for everyone. Zhao Huaiqiang Tansy of Shanghai Pudong Mandarin Oriental Hotel chief sommelier sommelier contest 2014 Chinese champion 2015 year Australian Wine Bureau best sommelier sommelier global sharing 2016 runner up Tansy normal university love Wine, work began to learn. In 2011, Tansy got a chance to do primary sommelier in Shanghai the Bund Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and then started the sommelier occupation career. Since 2014, Tansy served as chief sommelier at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Shanghai, Pudong. In October 19th, Tansy in 2016 to serve on behalf of Chinese sommelier global finals runner up. "Because ordinary people on the sommelier this occupation is not very familiar with, so it may be misleading to just pour the liquor in the restaurant service personnel, and even occasional guests refused our initiative to provide service, and now we gradually understand, the sommelier is actually recommended guests really need wine, and can a better dining experience for their people. Of course, the cost of learning wine is very high, every time the exam or go to the winery will have a small amount of money to learn, but I think it is worth it. "Tansy says. Pudong Mandarin Oriental Hotel Shanghai is a luxury five-star hotel with a strong sense of service concept, with strong hardware facilities, has been known to provide legendary service. We have Chinese restaurant Yiting Yong became Michelin star restaurant. Working in such an environment is a kind of life enjoyment." 58° steak house in Shanghai, Pudong"相关的主题文章: