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SEO Do you work in an SEO .pany? Do you wish to start your own business? Even if you can not start a .pany of your own right at the moment, you can start working as a freelancer. Remember clients would prefer someone who has experience yet who charges less than the SEO .panies. If you are planning to start working individually, you should use a few SEO tools. All the tools are not equally important. Different web masters like to use different tools. Hence, it is almost impossible to make a list of the best SEO tools. However, here is a list of SEO tools that you may find helpful. Using these tools will help you to fulfill the basic SEO requirements. Lets have a look at the tools. Optimized Source Code Optimized Source Code: Having validated markup is crucial from SEO perspective. There are two tools that can aid in writing validated markup. The tools are: WDG HTML Validator Optimized Content: There is no tool that can help you to write optimized content. However, it is crucial to check keyword density while writing content. There are a few tools that can help you to do this. The online tools mentioned below may help you to determine keyword density in the content. Webconfs Keyword Density Checker Keyword Analysis Just imagine, will it help if your website gets huge traffic for the wrong keyword? It will not serve your purpose. Therefore, knowing the right keywords for your website is important. You can use a few tools to find out the right keywords for your website. Some of the tools are: Keyword Suggestion Tool Generating Back Links: One of the most important aspects of SEO is link popularity. Link exchange programs can help you to get some relevant back links. Some online tools can help you to generate back link. Lets check the tools. Submit Express Link Popularity Check SEO Chat Link Popularity Check Whether you are planning to work as a freelancer or start a .pany, it is important to promote your business. Online promotion is the most cost effective option for you. Suppose you are located in Tampa, you can promote your business using tag lines like Tampa SEO .pany , SEO firm Tampa or Tampa Search Engine Optimization . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: