In order to make Party Managing Talents — Theory – mide-031

In order to make Party Managing Talents — Theory – Comrade Xi Jinping stressed that the party is in charge of personnel, macro, policy, coordination and service, all the specific issues rather than by the party to do the work of talents. However, in practice, some leading cadres and the Organization Department of personnel management simply apply cadres to the party, not only the principle of talent management innovation also restrict the deformation of shape, the creativity of talents. For this tendency, should be corrected. The purpose of party management talent is to make good use of talent. To maximize the leverage effect and radiation effect of the party being in charge of personnel work, make use of talents, encourage talents innovation, release the maximum efficiency of talent, talent to achieve maximum value, is the goal and direction of the Party Managing talents. Comrade Xi Jinping stressed the need to adhere to and improve the principle of party management talent, and effectively improve the party management talent, truly liberating talent, developing talent, make good use of talent. This fully shows that the party is in charge of personnel is not simply put up talent management system up, nor with various restrictions and fetters to limit the talent, but not to take control of the dead person. On the contrary, the most fundamental point is to the party in charge of personnel to get rid of all old ideas Bold Talent Development and backward management restraint mechanism, to impede the development of talent of various "stumbling block" "stumbling block", establish and improve the mechanism of the talent development system is full of vitality, provide more development opportunities and greater development space for all kinds of talents talent. Party management talent is the focus of the overall situation. As the main responsibility of the party committees at all levels of talent management, plays a role as the core of leadership, overall coordination, responsible for grasping the key functions of the big tube. This function is generally speaking, that is, on the macro control, policy protection, coordination, service in place. Macro control, including research to develop talent development and long-term planning, decision making, on major issues involving the introduction of talent work personnel security policy, fundamental policy; mainly improve the party’s leadership system in charge of personnel, improve the talent introduction, training, use of policies, optimize the flow of talent allocation, evaluation and incentive, service guarantee the formation mechanism, talent agglomeration policy mechanism to the party and national undertakings; coordination as, is to play to the party’s political and organizational advantages, coordinate all forces, the formation of the parties together catch condominium overall force; the service is in place, through the creation of talent talent shows itself the policy environment, legal environment, public opinion and social environment, provide good service for all kinds of talents, realize the value of general business. Therefore, the party is in charge of personnel taking rather than taking, that is to focus on the macro global affairs personnel work, to solve the key problems of the long-term. Therefore, that unavoidably, do it and Party organizations should play in personnel functions do not match, not only to strengthen the party’s leadership talent, it will bring about some negative effects. The main form of talent management is macro management. Some people think that, in accordance with the party’s management of cadres, with specific, micro administrative management personnel. That’s not true. In fact, talent management is a science, has its own special laws,相关的主题文章: