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In response to the foot Mei parties not trained without special reasons is a normal adjustment of national football training for World Cup Beijing morning news (reporter   Song Hong) yesterday afternoon, the Orangemen for in Haigeng bases, the training process is still only open to the media for 15 minutes, do not arrange an interview. The difference is that this training to restore the main atmosphere is very relaxed. The other foreign football coach Lippi in an AFC interview, he decided to become a Chinese coach because in China success, said Hengda the secret of success comes from a strong spiritual force, he hopes to replicate this model in the national team. In the opening stage of training, the return from injury of Zhang Chengdong and the rest of the team was stretching, assistant coach led the team from time to time forward guidance to correct. Coach Lippi was alone pacing distance calculation, then placed in need of training equipment. In addition, Mei fang did not travel with the team, but the team is training in the hotel, but the staff said: "there is no special reason, just a normal adjustment". Accept the AFC interview, Lippi revealed what is the reason that he decided to become China football coach: "because I used to have a lot of successful experience in China, so I decided to coach the football team Chinese. I have lived in China for three years, I have very memorable memories, these are the reasons I decided to become a coach of china. I know it will be difficult for me, it is a huge challenge, but I will try my best to help Chinese football to be better." For once success, Hengda Lippi replied: "I’m the key to success in Hengda, I created a powerful spiritual force in the team." Lippi hopes to replicate this model in the foot: "this is one of my team will be implemented in the China scheme, only the strong spiritual support was likely to succeed, we will make more efforts in adjusting the player’s mental state."相关的主题文章: