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An interview with Changhong Huang Dawen: intelligent Home Furnishing technology Sohu – Sohu must open science and technology news, September 2nd news, Berlin IFA exhibition was officially opened today, IDG to join the German Chamber of Commerce and industry jointly organized the 2016IFA technology innovation product award. Among them, Changhong CHiQ refrigerator won the annual best Internet innovative intelligent refrigerator". Scene, we also interviewed Huang Dawen, deputy general manager of Sichuan Changhong electric appliance Limited by Share Ltd. Huang Dawen said that this Internet Innovation smart refrigerator launched the original intention is to become a food steward. Through the development of large data and cloud computing, artificial intelligence, intelligent refrigerator is very easy to achieve. It can calculate the shelf life of food, calculate the best preservation effect, and put forward reasonable suggestions to the owner’s health. "A lot of young people don’t know how to manage food until you ask your mother". Huang Dawen said, then we will focus on the refrigerator a lot of mother’s function, tell you how to eat, should not eat". At the same time, it has a self examination function, you can regularly for their own to remove the refrigerator disease". With the growing popularity of smart home, the development of the industry as a whole, Huang Dawen has its own point of view. Changhong hopes to build a more open platform, not only to play their own, but also to unite friends, joint software company to jointly promote the progress of the smart home industry. On this basis, the most can not get rid of the pain points of consumers. Huang believes that no matter what the industry needs to start from the actual needs of users. He cited a small example, and now the smart car is a fire, the concept of automatic driving gradually towards reality. But not too many people will really think about the direction of intelligence is not really right. The application of automatic systems to driving is not as simple as parking. Changhong in the construction of a very bright future – Chi Hui ecosystem. Changhong wants to be a smart community. From the beginning of the District, for his service. Such as automatic sensing, to provide users with a series of convenience, like an invisible hand in helping your life. Has just started, is groping forward. In the future, we will work closely with software vendors, equipment suppliers, government, etc.. At present, there has been a preliminary prototype in Mianyang, the cold chain built into the community, open up the upstream shopping, which is a long-term vision. In recent years, there are many Internet Co step to the intelligent Home Furnishing industry, Huang Dawen said this was not very worried, all things Internet era more regardless of traditional and Internet, but the hardware and software. At present, these Internet companies are doing software, and Changhong will work with them to provide interoperability support in the hardware.相关的主题文章: