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Is holding a day down 90% cleared variable shell company China Times (public No.: ChinaTimes) reporter Liu Sixi Beijing reported in September 7th, Hong Kong stocks are Lee Holdings (08318.HK) afternoon was washing, once fell more than 93.22% to HK $0.33, hit the lowest since listing, almost erased all the gains listed; fell 90.76% to HK $0.45. HK $4 billion 420 million market value evaporated in the first list, Hong Kong stocks decline. A substantial increase in first quarter revenue is mainly engaged in the provision of infrastructure holdings construction, building engineering and engineering services RMAA. March 29, 2016, Zheng Li holdings in the form of placement on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange gem listing, the stock opened at HK $1.7, closing at HK $2.26, while its placing price of only HK $0.283, the day rose as high as 698.59%. Is holding the latest release of financial results, the company’s fiscal 2016 quarter profit of HK $6 million 445 thousand, an increase of 159.57%. The company’s fiscal 2016 quarter revenue of HK $136 million, an increase of 116.30%. The increase was mainly due to the overall development of the construction industry in Hongkong during the period to promote the group’s underlying structure, superstructure and RMAA engineering services are growing and the number of construction projects of the group has increased. Total profit and total income increase is mainly due to an increase in gross profit of approximately HK $7 million 800 thousand, on the other hand, administrative and other operating expenses increased to approximately HK $2 million 900 thousand in public ownership or the Nationwide Financial Services Inc into the fuse Softbank (SBI CHINA) is listed with seats and bookrunners and joint lead managers, according to the central clearing system at present, the Chinese financial holding is Softbank 64.07% stake. Followed by Standard Chartered holdings of 11.32%, Yuan Securities is holding a stake in the shares of the 5.37%. August 5th, Zheng Li holdings announced that the shareholders of the company MightyEdge recently purchased 18 million 200 thousand shares of the company’s shares, so that its holdings increased from 8.9% to 10.72%. MightyEdge holdings led to the decline in the proportion of positive holdings of public ownership, 19.28%, far below the listing requirements of the 25%, the presence of delisting risk. Reporter access to relevant information shows that, unless the exchange special exemption, Hong Kong listed companies issued shares to maintain at least 25% of the public float, to maintain the listing status. In this case, August 10th, Zheng Li holding announcement again said that the major shareholder of the company MightyEdge has sold 67 million 600 thousand shares to independent third party total, accounting for 6.76% of the issued share capital holdings, then from 10.72% to 3.96%. Public ownership of the company rose from 19.28% to 30%, in line with the GEM Listing rules. From today the joint brokerage transactions, obvious joint brokerage CITIC Lyon substantial liquidation, sold a net 16 million 420 thousand shares, involving an amount of HK $7 million 20 thousand, accounting for 11.1% of total turnover. Insiders said that the positive holding of the crash may be associated with the current changes in the proportion of public ownership, while the;相关的主题文章: