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Is tea bad for your teeth? Will not turn yellow or mottled? Because of the reasons for the Sohu to eat and drink, often dealing with tea, almost every day to drink tea. Three years of scientific drinking tea, their physical condition, skin conditions have improved a lot. A few days ago, a few years of classmate encounter, I was surprised to see, said: "how good your skin so much?" I said: "it is possible to do a good job of sun protection and regular tea." Subsequently as a tea lovers and long-term tea practitioners, sincerely recommend friends to drink the right amount of tea every day, there are many benefits to the body. Unexpectedly, a friend is a beautiful woman, in particular, pay attention to the external image, turned to euphemism, said: tea drink more afraid of teeth yellow, or do not drink it." I did not refute the moment, just smiled at her and asked her: "do you think I drink tea every day, teeth become yellow?" I see friends it is still bright eyes and white teeth, confused. Just for a long time there are a lot of friends in the micro South Ming beauty dispensers: 6480348 to ask: will the same yellow tea teeth? Get dental fluorosis? The author today from the two aspects of science and daily drinking tea experience to talk about these two issues. If you want to drink tea is refreshing, and the same yellow teeth, must first try to understand the causes of yellow teeth: teeth color, yellow for many reasons, can be divided into two aspects, namely, endogenous and exogenous. Exogenous tooth surface coloring is due to the existence of a variety of bacteria, the bacteria secrete a lot of sticky substances, diet tea, smoke stains and water absorption of certain minerals in the viscous material, the teeth gradually become yellow or black. Endogenous coloring is formed during tooth development, such as tetracycline deposited in the dentin, could make the teeth become yellow, brown or dark gray, as tetracycline stained teeth; or in 6, before the age of 7, children in the developmental stages of enamel, too much fluoride in drinking water, may also lead to dental fluorosis, tooth surface is white chalk color, brown patches; if the tooth nerve necrosis and bacterial decomposition products can also make teeth black. A cup of tea, yellow tea is really wrong, or you do not brush your teeth? From this point of view, the tea teeth will be yellow is an exogenous cause, resulting in an appropriate amount of tea teeth become the root cause of yellow pigment in tea is attached to the surface of the teeth on the secretion of bacteria. So if you want to keep your teeth yellow, the key is to carefully clean the teeth of the mouth, from the roots to reduce tooth bacteria. The bacteria are reduced, the surface of the teeth is less viscous, tea, a small amount of natural pigment (relative to the smoke, the tea contains a small amount of colored material) naturally can not be attached to the surface of the teeth. To adults per person per day intake of 10 grams of tea per day, if you develop a habit of brushing your teeth sooner or later, after the habit of mouthwash, teeth is definitely not yellow. If you drink tea, the teeth really turn yellow, can only explain the excessive drinking tea, too thick, or did not seriously brush their teeth on weekdays, or have the habit of smoking, etc.. You have many tea beauty, because the job needs a lot of tea every day, or even excessive drinktea, they must still look rosy lips and pretty white teeth to clean the teeth of tea.相关的主题文章: