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Is the euro falling against the dollar by 1.1000? Remittance network February 26th hearing – the euro against the dollar has ended the upward momentum, the current exchange rate from the highest point this month, 1.1376 has been drifting away. The market is still concerned about the hedging function of the euro. Although the market has not yet fully burst out of risk appetite, there are signs that investors’ risk appetite is returning. Arbitrage trading is favored only by investors when the market is not very volatile. Therefore, the exchange rate of the euro is under pressure again. The Bank of England (BOE) governor Carney (Mark Carney) on Friday (February 26th) published in the Shanghai G20 group of finance ministers and central bank governors meeting speech warned central banks cut interest rates to be negative, the formation of "beggar thy neighbour" environment, lead the global economy into a low growth dilemma. Is the U.S. economy better than market expectations? The United States has demonstrated that its economy is better than media coverage, and has begun to attract dollar assets back again. The S & P 500 index from 10 February hit a low sustained rebound. The correction data for the four quarter of GDP will be released on Friday in North America, which should be closely watched. At present, the euro’s 1.1000 mark against the dollar has not yet fallen, but because of the differences between European silver and Federal Reserve policy, the resistance of the pass may be very fragile. The EBRD March 10th meeting is very critical for the euro, Mr Draghi is expected to still will continue its dovish style. On the short line of technical analysis, the euro dollar exchange rate can only get rid of the downward trend after returning to the 1.104550 region. On the other hand, after breaking the 1.096055 zone, 1.0900 will be the next supporting target. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

欧元兑美元行将失守1.1000?   汇通网2月26日讯――欧元兑美元目前已终结上行势头,目前汇价距离本月最高点1.1376已经渐行渐远。   市场还是正在关注欧元的避险功能。尽管市场尚未彻底迸发出风险偏好情绪,但有迹象显示投资者风险偏好情绪正在回归。而套利交易也只有在市场波动不大的时候才会受到投资者青睐。因此,欧元汇价再度承压。   英国央行(BOE)行长卡尼(Mark Carney)周五(2月26日)在上海G20集团财长及央行行长会议上发表的讲话稿中发出警告,各国央行把利率降至负值,可能形成“以邻为壑”的环境,导致全球经济陷入低增长困境。   美国经济表现好于市场预期?   美国已证明,其经济表现好于媒体的宣传报道,并开始重新吸引美元资产回流。标普500指数已从2月10日创下的低点持续反弹。   周五北美时段将发布美国四季度GDP的修正值数据,需密切关注。   目前,欧元兑美元的1.1000大关尚未失守,但由于欧银和美联储政策分歧,该关口的抗跌性可能十分脆弱。欧银3月10日的会议对欧元走势十分关键,德拉基预计仍旧会延续其鸽派作风。   技术分析   短线图上,欧元兑美元汇价只有在重回1.1045 50区域之后能摆脱下行颓势。另一方面,下破1.0960 55区域后,1.0900将会成为下一个支撑目标。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: