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Travel-and-Leisure Kerala, located on the tropical Malabar Coast of south west India, is one of the most beautiful regions of India. The state is also famous amongst tourists as it is easy to travel around top tourist places in Kerala . Every year, thousands of people .e here for a wonderful and memorable vacation. There are a lot of tourism options in this culturally and geographically rich state of Kerala, India Kerala is a wonderful place to visit and there are reasons behind this such as: Thousands of Attractions "" Kerala is one such place where a traveler can find huge diversity of attractions. Here one can enjoy floating on a houseboat in lush green backwaters and also relax on tropical beaches. Just take a safari tour to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary to catch wild animals living in a natural setting. If this does not interest you, try to spend some time practice yoga in an ashram or hike in the cool mountains around here. Also there are many Kerala tourist places catering to needs and preferences of different types of travelers. Enchanting Backwaters: A trip to the backwaters is the most eloquent facet of Kerala that draws large number of tourists to the state. The extensive network of interlocking waterways, rivers, lakes and inlets form the main elements of Kerala backwaters. The peaceful ambiance and a slow water ride over the scenic backwaters bring an unforgettable experience for many as it travels to many places of Kerala. World class Houseboats: Visiting Kerala and not experiencing the unique culture of the place is like a half holiday. The best way to experience that is by residing at Kerala houseboats sailing over the water of backwaters. These houseboats are equipped with most modern facilities and living on them is like floating on a five star hotel. In fact, it provides an excellent opportunity to see the traditional Kerala villages, beautiful surroundings and places of Kerala. Mouth watering cuisine: Kerala food is colorful, spicy and eclectic along with downright tasty. The specialty of food in Kerala is the usage of plenty of fresh vegetables, exotic fruit, and locally-grown aromatic spices. For non-vegetarian food lovers, there are plenty of fresh fish dishes to try. In Kerala, one must definitely taste the traditional Sadya that is served on a banana leaf .plemented with Payasam. Mesmerizing landscape: Rich flora and fauna of the state attract the attentions of tourists from across the globe. The whole of Kerala is lined up with green scenery of swaying palm and coconut trees, rice paddy fields, huge stretches of river and long golden beaches. Beautiful hill stations of the state are also very popular among tourists, nature lovers, and honeymooners. The mesmerizing views surrounding various places of Kerala need to be explored by the adventurous travelers or one can simply sit around and capture the beauty of the place in their cameras. Apart from these, there are many more reasons and tourist places in Kerala to explore. Just plan a trip to Kerala for an unforgettable experience. By the way, try to .e on a vacation here for at least one week as various Kerala tourist places need to be explored in a relaxing mood and not in a hurry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: