Japanese car prices in the first three quarters of the annual sales target completion rate of more p candle june

Japanese car prices before the three quarter sales of annual target completion rate of multi – Sohu (the Sohu from the car car Xiao Mengmeng) "golden September" has ended, according to the sales data of the passenger car market information will be released in September showed that the general passenger car sales total wholesale 2 million 256 thousand vehicles, an increase of 25.8%, an increase of 27.9%. Sales data from the point of view, this year’s "Kim Gu" but a fire, after we often talked about the car market new normal seems to have come to an end. The rapid growth of sales in September to promote a number of car prices in the first three quarters of the overall sales promotion, before the three quarter car sales top thirty situation, in addition to the Shenlong Automobile and FAW car, the other car prices are to maintain positive growth, GAC trumpchi growth rate reached 132.86%. In addition to Volkswagen nearly 1 million 310 thousand sales topped the list, followed by FAW Volkswagen, SAIC GM and SAIC GM Wuling, the four car sales of the first camp of the second camps still maintained a large lead. In total sales in the three quarter, the Japanese car enterprises overall performance is still very good, showing a steady growth trend, but the nine Japanese car sales data were collected, you can still find more serious polarization. According to the data, there are nine joint ventures in the sales growth of six, the year on year decline of three. One of the most outstanding performance of Dongfeng Honda, the first three quarters of the cumulative sales of more than 400 thousand vehicles, an increase of up to 47.9%; Guangzhou MITSUBISHI is showing the downturn, the first three quarters of total sales of only 27 thousand units, representing a decline of 29.12%. Japanese car prices from the annual sales target completion rate, Changan Mazda to 84.05% of the completion rate topped the list, to complete the annual sales target has no suspense. Followed by Dongfeng Honda, GAC TOYOTA, FAW TOYOTA and GAC Honda four car enterprises annual sales target completion rate of more than 75%, to complete the annual sales task is not much problem. The Dongfeng Nissan completion rate of 71.48% in the fourth quarter also need to ensure that the average monthly sales of one hundred thousand and two to complete the annual sales target. As for the ranking of the three FAW Mazda, Changan SUZUKI and MITSUBISHI Camry, the completion of the annual sales target has been basically established hopeless, the three car before the three quarter overall sales year-on-year decline, but from the monthly sales in September, thanks to the double star product force, a steam Mazda has shown upward trend after a lapse of 30 months to return to the million club, Changan SUZUKI and MITSUBISHI Camry in September sales grew. FAW Mazda has been due to the downturn in sales of its models to more than B and above models, it is difficult to achieve the amount of walking". GAC MITSUBISHI is due to the small number of products, and the replacement is slow. As for the Changan SUZUKI overall sales decline, the automotive industry veteran commentator Zhang Zhiyong said SUZUKI entered Chinese earlier, but with the entry of more brands, SUZUKI has always been limited in the low-end products, product type and less competitiveness has gradually weakened." The sales data of the past three quarters of Dongfeng Honda A new force suddenly rises. view"相关的主题文章: