Jiaxing by the catfish effect of temperature dropped significantly in the next It’s raining and blow-sunny came home

Jiaxing by the "catfish" influence next autumn air temperature dropped significantly It’s raining and blowing hard. remnants is not over, people still call hot at noon yesterday, but 3 pm from the southeast of dark clouds amidst the winds of change, the direction of the layout, the sun disappears immediately. Originally, this is the seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" has landed in Taiwan Taitung to the coastal area of Hualian, affected by the peripheral circulation, as a "striker" rain has sent soldiers along the coast of Jiaxing. Next, the typhoon "catfish" will have what direction, impact on our city geometry? Reporter yesterday learned from the Municipal Meteorological Observatory today, overcast with showers, rainfall, local rainstorm, 5~6 northeast wind gust 7, coastal 6~7 gust 8, today the minimum temperature 23 degrees, the highest temperature 26. There will be showers tomorrow, and the northeast wind will be 4~5, and the temperature will fall further, between 21 and 24 degrees centigrade. Review yesterday, compared with yesterday’s highest temperature close to 30 degrees Celsius, is reached 31.2 degrees yesterday yesterday morning, the minimum temperature in previous days increased significantly, and the air humidity, feeling slightly hot. With the arrival of Typhoon "catfish", the autumn heat has reached the end of the year, and the temperature in the two day of the Ming Dynasty is obviously lower than the previous two days. Meteorological experts, the "catfish" the collective influence peripheral circulation and cold air in our city this morning to rain tomorrow are infested, especially today, the rain will be significantly enhanced, local heavy rain, please go to work to take umbrellas, Caution! Road.

嘉兴受“鲇鱼”影响今明风雨交加 气温明显回落秋老虎的余威还未散尽,昨天中午人们还在喊热,但下午3点风云变幻,大片的乌云从东南方向铺排而来,太阳立即消隐了。原来,这是今年第17号台风“鲇鱼”已经登陆台湾台东到花莲一带沿海,受其外围环流影响,作为“前锋”的雨云已经兵发嘉兴沿海。接下去,台风“鲇鱼”将有何动向,对我市影响几何?记者昨天从市气象台了解到,今天阴有阵雨,雨量中到大,局部暴雨,东北风5~6级阵风7级,沿海6~7级阵风8级,今天最低气温23℃,最高气温26℃。明天阴有阵雨,东北风4~5级,气温进一步回落,在21℃~24℃之间。回顾昨天,与前天的最高气温接近30℃相比,昨天更是达到31.2℃,昨天早晨最低气温较前些日子明显升高,加之空气湿度较大,体感略显闷热。随着台风“鲇鱼”的来临,这次的秋热已经是到头了,今明两天气温较前两天明显回落。气象专家分析,受“鲇鱼”外围环流和冷空气共同影响,我市从今天凌晨起到明天都有风雨侵扰,尤其是今天,风雨会明显增强,局部有暴雨,请大家上班上学要带好雨具,路上注意安全。相关的主题文章: