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Jilin Province, law enforcement authorities and private entrepreneurs forum held in Jilin – Channel – people.com.cn original title: Based on the functions of accurate service boost a new round of development in September 29th, the provincial Party committee, committee secretary Jin Zhenji presided over the province’s law enforcement authorities and Private Entrepreneurs Association and speech. Deputy governor, the provincial public security bureau director Hu Jiafu, the provincial procuratorate prosecutor general Yang Keqin attended the meeting. After listening to the Qiming information technology Limited by Share Ltd general manager Wu Jianhui, Jilin Wantong Group Chairman Pan Shoude and other 10 private entrepreneurs on the security services and law enforcement authorities of enterprise development advice, the provincial court, the provincial Procuratorate, the provincial public security department, Provincial Department of justice and the Changchun Municipal Committee, Yanbian Party committee responsible comrades respectively. Position statement. Jin Zhenji pointed out that entrepreneurs are the driving force of economic development, the creators of social wealth, the innovator of the technology system, the maintenance of social stability, the bearer of social responsibility. We should take care of the entrepreneur as well as the eyes, protect the law, and play a good role in the economic and social development of the special functions of entrepreneurs. Jin Zhenji stressed that the province’s political and legal organs should focus on the overall situation, service centers, focusing on business needs, precise force services, to boost the new round of Jilin’s revitalization and development. To guarantee the safety of the lives and property of entrepreneurs and enterprises in accordance with the law the legitimate rights and interests, caution coercive measures to create the environment for the private enterprises; peaceful development, strengthen the enterprise surrounding security environment; to actively investigate and resolve labor disputes related fields, effectively guard against and defuse financial risks to enterprises; maintain the market economic order, according to the law to crack down and punish failure the fair competition of enterprises and other illegal and criminal activities; to promote decentralization, the implementation of the "unlimited entry, unlimited promise" principle, reduce the transaction cost of enterprise system; to strengthen the legal services related enterprises, providing the "order type" legal examination, legal consultation and legal aid; to further standardize law enforcement related judicial behavior, in accordance with the law law enforcement officers to investigate violations of enterprises to establish a "pro"; "Qing" new government business relations, to really Heart exchanges, frank treatment, but also clear boundaries, public and private; to strengthen the rule of law in the whole society to promote education, and promote the formation of a good atmosphere of law abiding law usage. The province’s 69 private entrepreneurs and representatives of the provincial political and legal departments, municipal (state) Party committee responsible comrades attended the meeting. (reporter blue sticky correspondent Xuan Yan) (commissioning editor: Intern, Wang Diyuan)相关的主题文章: