Kef Shanghai release new hi-fi sound system LS50 wireless- Sohu 音羽かなで

KEF Shanghai Hi-Fi LS50 Wireless- released a new sound system of Sohu in November 4, 2016, the British Hi-Fi Chanticleer audio brand KEF in Shanghai released a grand to celebrate the 55 anniversary of the establishment of the brand and the new development of active Hi-Fi LS50 Wireless sound system, the one and only bring the ultimate sound experience for each music lovers. As the KEF brand spokesperson and home, has just launched a new album "personal singing talent" Khalil Fong also shared a surprise appearance, good sound insights and KEF team leader Dr. Oclee-Brown Jack on acoustics.   since the date of the creation of KEF will be full of enthusiasm for the service of music, driving us to try new materials, research and development of new technologies to reproduce the natural sound can be comparable to the original sound." KEF Audio, managing director of Group, Ms. Luo Jieyi said, "five years ago, the KEF brand was founded 50 anniversary of the launch was known as the king of the Bookshelf Speakers LS50, this tribute to the legendary LS3 5A monitor works, create a beyond its size is full of" full range sound listening experience ". And this year we again break through the limitations of the technology, the function of power amplifier There was no parallel in history. perfectly in the box, for every music lovers all over the new active Hi-Fi LS50 Wireless sound system, to simplify, to break the shackles of the public daily enjoy Hi-Fi."   KEF’s outstanding acoustic team has always been the most proud of the brand’s Secret weapon. Adhering to the "everyone deserves a high-quality music experience" concept, KEF acoustic engineers for the new LS50 Wireless developed the active voice system that allows users without complicated external devices, with easy and convenient way to connect with the control, you can enjoy the best original tune listening experience. As the KEF acoustic team leader, Dr. Oclee-Brown Jack is also the birthplace of KEF from the UK from afar, this is the first time he came to Shanghai, with the unique charm of the media scene and guests of the voice. He said: "the basic quality of acoustic characteristics in KEF LS50 passive speaker continuation of the award-winning, real-time correction of digital signal processor LS50 used in Wireless (DSP) with concurrent Uni-Q coaxial KEF unique unit function into full play, to create the perfect sound, regardless of where in the room, without being" emperor ", can be heard the same good sound quality." Another heavyweight guests the day of activities is explored in the field of music breakthrough, trying to diversify the music style of the "singing and wit" Khalil Fong. Since his debut, he was singing and writing, especially the arrangement showing the ability to express freely, not only to pop, rock, R& B and funk music language mastery, more not rigidly adhere to the melody of the shackles of play相关的主题文章: