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Kim Jeong-eun: the United States has on the Korean nuclear strike range – Sohu news launch successfully, Kim Jeong-eun rejoice. Kim Jeong-eun: the United States has been within the scope of the North Korean nuclear attack, according to the international online news, North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jeong-eun, 24, personally guided the strategic submarine ballistic missile water test. He said the submarine launched ballistic missile test achieved success in the victory, victory in victory". According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) reported that Kim Jeong-eun at the scene to guide said: "today’s test results to prove the reality, North Korea open to have military power among the pink of perfection of the nuclear strike capability forefront. The threat of a US nuclear threat to North Korea is a result of the strengthening of North Korea’s nuclear strike capability. No matter what the United States denies, the United States and the Pacific are firmly in the hands of North korea." CNN quoted sources as saying that Kim Jeong-eun said the United States and the Pacific combat zone has been in the North Korea hit range. According to the international online news, Kim Jeong-eun warned that the current ongoing joint military exercises between Korea and the United States, he said: North Korea and the United States in the context of the nuclear hegemony of the struggle with a substantive response. Once the time is ripe, the Korean people will wield justice "nuclear sledgehammer" combat, let the forces of justice and never stand up." Kim Jeong-eun said: "if the enemy dare to the dignity and the right to live a little threat, North Korea will use all means and measures to deal with. The test is a major outbreak of the main strength of North korea." Reported that the test is by high angle launch, once again confirmed the safety, high power engine performance, water cooled ignition after the ballistic missile in flight dynamics characteristics in different stages, some key technical indicators fully meet the operational level. The launch was a complete success, proving that North Korea’s nuclear armed forces have made rapid progress. The test has no negative impact on the safety of neighboring countries, a complete success. After launch, the port cordially greet the returning of national defense science and technology personnel and naval officers to Kim Jeong-eun, congratulations on the success of the pilot, and take a photo with them. However, CNN reported that the Korean Central News Agency did not provide the test time and location details, this test is not clear whether the South Korean military Joint Chiefs of staff, said on the 24, "North Korea at 24 am local time, about 5:30 to the eastern coast of the Korean Peninsula, which is the sea of Japan, to launch a submarine launched ballistic missile." But in view of the 24 day is the angle of antiaircraft missile, flight distance of 500 kilometers, South Korean military officials say the test is successful. (observer network integrated international online, North Korean Central News Agency, CNN reported)相关的主题文章: