Kissing can also be sexually transmitted diseases to prevent sexually transmitted diseases do not

It can also kiss infectious disease prevention of sexually transmitted diseases don’t kiss in the fierce kiss, if you accidentally hurt each other or oral gingival mucosa, will cause a small amount of bleeding, and if both sides are injured at the same time, or a party originally had the wound (the most common periodontal disease), kissing you not only is the exchange of blood exchange slobber, but. A lot of bacteria or viruses that have been hidden in the blood or saliva have no access to each other’s body. Therefore, in addition to the common cold, hepatitis, tuberculosis, AIDS, syphilis, oral herpes could be infected by the way of kissing, and kissing each other so to think twice before, but most of the couples who are in love or what happened afterwards will think these problems are usually too late. Kissing mentioned health, many people will think oral sex is safe, it is to emphasize a kind of oral sex is sexual behavior, sexual behavior in the human animal is in the most tricks, not only limited to sexual intercourse sexual organs, according to the statistics of some non-governmental organizations, the couple has oral sex behavior accounted for more than forty percent, and it is venereal disease by oral oral infection to the organ or the best way to reverse the infection. First talk about ethics and social norm level, that kind of condition should not necessarily everyone kissing the concerns itself with the flu, lips and oral diseases (such as herpes) are not kissing, and syphilis, AIDS, tuberculosis, hepatitis and other diseases of the people and do not others are kissing behavior. There is no evidence that kiss AIDS infection to AIDS and cheek. Parents kiss the child’s cheeks is love, some western countries, the kiss is a guest of politeness, even in China folk legends eat each other’s slobber a lifetime will be listened to him, at a certain level, this explanation is still quite relevant. It can be seen that kissing or kissing is not a random act, so when you do this, you have to think about it.相关的主题文章: